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Thread: Why do so many skaters seem to have «Fake personalities» on the ice ?

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    I haven't read this thread but the skating world is small, elite, getting smaller. Everyone is fake nice on TV on their jobs. It is especially good to be loved and get higher scores. Look at Alissa. Everyone loves her sweetness and beauty-enough to wish her a spot on this next Oly team. Anyone remember Amber Corwin? She did a 3x3 in all her Sp/s. Not pretty enough. In FS, personality means a lot. No one liked Nagasu's childish manner after age 18 or so. And nancy was skewered for being real-being herself for a couple silly comments. And Tonya was trailer trash in FS circles and many thought she was a PR disaster long before her knee whacking associates popped up. Personality plus beauty equal points esp for females. Off ice behavior is scrutinized. I hate it but that is part of the game in FS. Esp the women. Chan and Moir can get away with oafish comments and have. If Kaetlyn talked smack about say YuNa kim, she'd be royalled skewered and maybe lose her next comp. by too many points.

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    We're talking about Figure Skating here, dear, not Japanese video gaming.

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    I thought this forum is an English forum.


    Quote Originally Posted by coolboogie22 View Post
    I'm just wondering this,

    Why so many skaters seems to have «Fake personality» on the ice ?

    For example, I find that Sasha Cohen have a real personnality on the ice and is not fake because it look completely natural when she skate and placed herself with her starting position in competition. like this : (What I see his a real person who doesn't need to put her hands up for the audience, and I think it's perfect like this, why to have a fake smile always and look at the audience for presenting ?, like Joannie Rochette for example :
    I admire Rochette skating but to me, she is a robot, to me she doesn't show her personnality at all, she looks «Fake» even if she is a wonderful athlete and skater.

    Is it me or it is more beautiful when we see a skater who doesn't force their movements and let go their personnality.

    I find it sad that Mirai Nagasu for example, change her personnality in her skating after 2011, she doesn't look herself anymore like in 2010 Olympic, she have a wonderful sparking personnality that I find it sad that she try to doesn't be herself.
    I don't think calling "fake" is a correct term after reading your explanation. Every skater is trying their best to perform under the technical challenges and the pressure. Some are able to loosen up, but some are not. Some are able to relax only in the last part of their programs when they finished all their jumps.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolboogie22 View Post
    What I means is that I think that a personality on the ice should be just like outside of skating. I see that Sasha Cohen for example is very herself because in and out the ice she looks the same.

    But, for some reason, I don't understand that somes skaters feel obliged to act like every skaters and always smile even when they do not feel happy necessary in their program. For example, we can see that Alissa Czisny smile the whole times in a lot of her program. In this way, I think many skaters did not look natural. It is impossible that Alissa Czisny is always happy espacially like her performance at 2012 worlds, poor girl, I wish at this times that she lets her emotions out and shows more her personality, instead of acting like a princess of crest whitestrips.
    How can their personality be just like when they are not skating? What we are talking about belongs to performing art. The skaters are portraying different characters. The more they could get into the characters they are portraying, the better. One example is Jeremy Abbott. He could portray vastly different characters on the ice, some serious, some playful, some mature, some innocent. But the real life Jeremy Abbott is a funny but shy person.

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    Very well stated, Bluebonnet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moment View Post
    Turned off what fans? Never even heard of that
    I'm speaking just for myself when I say that two skaters' natural reactions, caught near the Kiss & Cry area turned me off to them: Sasha Cohen and Gracie Gold. The ugly expressions on their faces when they learned they were not going to be on top of the podium at Nationals (SC losing to MK and GG losing to AW) exposed a very unpleasant side of them IMO.

    Expressions/personalities on ice? Thank goodness Nancy Kerrigan could act! When I first saw her skating I thought she was so elegant. Then, I saw her in an interview and was stunned: a real tomboy, not very articulate, lots of shrugs and grimaces (she was very uncomfortable being interviewed on TV in her early years). Now who would want to see those grimaces and frowns on this beautiful girl while she was performing on ice? Figure skating is part sport, part "show biz" complete with carefully selected musical accompaniment. It's the show biz part that requires the smiles, the acting out a story that goes w/ the music, (or acting to hide nerves, misery, physical pain, etc).

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