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Thread: Sochi 2014:Athletes to Watch(NBC)

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    the way they covered Plushenko on running to 2010 Olympics was disgusting for the north american and mostly western press too

    Evan stick to broadway pls
    we don't want another embarassment perhaps bigger than Weirs

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    Evan will have an embarassingly low finish at the Games I predict if he somehow shows up at Nationals (very unlikely so probably wont happen anyway) and is gifted a spot by the USFSA (aka what they order U.S judges to give as scores) for showing up. Something like 17th place. His skill set is totally outdated, and having not competed since Vancouver he has little to no cred to hold him up anymore either.

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    Have noticed that NBC is starting to run commercials for their upcoming coverage of the Sochi Olympics as well. Some of these have been on Universal sports coverage of other Olympic-type sporting events like the World Swimming/Diving and World Track & Field championships. If anybody managed to record some of these events and was able to capture some of these commercials, would love to see them posted to YouTube/Vimeo or pointed out. Will be interesting to see more of how NBC is positioning athletes for heightened exposure leading up to the Games.

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