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Thread: Alexandra Najarro - Her comeback :)

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    Alexandra Najarro - Her comeback :)

    I find Alexandra Najarro, to be one of the best skater in them of presentation. She is an artist and a hard worker!

    Here is her new SP from her comeback :

    She looks so determine in her comeback and want to be strong for be considering for an olympic spot.

    What are your thought about her ? Do you think that she could possibly impress us this season with her comeback ?

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    I was looking forward to seeing her, and was hoping she would do much better.

    She does have decent presentation, nice arms. I like the opening of her short program and her footwork sequences (in both SP and LP). Her SP music didn't do much for me, but we'll see what happens as the season develops.

    I'm happy she attempted 3T-3T in the short, but her jumps were a disaster. She's going to need to do much, much better if she hopes for an Olympic spot. With Kaetlyn, Gabrielle, Alaine, Julianne, Amelie, she's got competition.

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    I think Alexandra is a very beautiful skater. Very elegant and statuesque and graceful. I agree that the opening steps of her short program are great. They remind me of Tracey Wainman, her coach, in her 1986 short program. I think her camel spin is beautiful. I like that she goes into it forward, so rare these days. Everyone trying to go in backwards to get more points. Her layback and flying camels are nice too. And she does lovely moves, like the spread eagle double axel and ina bauer triple salchow. She is a nice jumper but inconsistent, though she can pull it together sometimes: 2011 and 2012 Nationals, 2011 Challenge. She looks like she is in good shape this year. I doubt whether she has a chance at making the Olympics though, not with Alaine and Gabrielle and all the other triple-triple girls coming up, and I think also you have to get a minimum score at a senior ISU competition, and I don't think she's scheduled to appear at one. But it would be good if she stuck around and got a couple of good performances in for her own satisfaction, as she is a welcome addition to Canada's skating scene. There are so few classy, classical looking ladies skaters these days.

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    Nice to see her coming back! I remember enjoying her black swan program and wondering what had happened to her after that. Nice to see her attempt a 3-3 in that sp. I don't think she can challenge Osmond, dalemann, chartrand or lacoste this season though but glad that she could overcome her injury and come back.

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