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Thread: Ladies SP JGP Mexico 2013

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    i don't think natalia is heavy at all, i think she looks very healthy. how old is she? she looks about 15 to me. even though she doesn't have a 3+3 in her short everything is great, i'm already a fan. i love her skating. polina had a good skate, and mariah needs to step it up but i still love her, although i feel her expression was lacking a bit compared to her other programs. maybe the long will be different.

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    Natalia is actually only 13, but she does look older. I think she has great height in her jumps as well as very flexible spin positions and good presentation.

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    kaiumova was slooow

    Ogoreltseva lovely, layback to die for, juniorish steps...

    Edmunds could be a possible big skater comming up, needs to work on her presentation...

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