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Thread: Free Dance JGP Mexico Cup 2013

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    H/B: their program was just wonderful, artistically, very mature and well-choreographed! (their PCS should have been A LOT higher!)
    E/P: brilliant program, technically, and with a lot of difficult transitions in and out of all the elements, that weren't really rewarded for me
    sad for S/F finishing 4th, but it was correct, the Russians were a lot better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
    It's Hawayek / BAKER! Jean Luc Baker is to die for, and Kaitlin is very good, but right now he's still clearly the better dancer. As they've been together not quite two years, they should continue to improve as a pair.

    They skate in Dansk in two weeks. They're facing Russia #1, so they need to work hard on their levels. But any medal in Poland would clinch their spot in the JGPF.
    H/B have fine potential. Baker is a strong dancer. Like their FD. Also like the Canadians and think they are talented. Their FD music cuts are awful, however.

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    So many unfortunate cuts of Les Miz. Guess we should get used to it.

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