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Thread: Picking Program Music-What Goes Into It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KKonas View Post
    At SLC I found the musical choice of W/P FD distracting. That (IMO) horrible continuous singing throughout made it virtually impossible for me to enjoy their program. Obviously not everyone (including the judges) will feel this way, but I thought it a strange musical choice for an Olympic year program.

    I found both of their programs in SLC fell a little flat for me. I wanted something more from them, but really wasn't feeling it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aftertherain View Post
    Also, just saw this on the USFS Facebook Page:

    What Song Would You Skate To?

    Yeah, I can see Max skating to "99 Problems." I probably wouldn't like it, but I can see that.
    I love Max. One huge barrier facing the sport is appealing to younger audiences... I'm not saying Jay-Z is the solution but having only classical music is a hindrance and it's refreshing to see contemporary pieces. I remember the "soundtracks" era which was cool in a way because it allowed skaters to express and interpret what was in popular culture at the time. Their skating becomes a "time capsule" so to speak. Tron is way more memorable than the vast majority of SPs I saw last year.

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    Why on earth would V/M think a polka can fit in Carmen?

    Philip Glass would be truly funny to skate to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noidont View Post
    Why on earth would V/M think a polka can fit in Carmen?
    I hope that merrywidow or another Carmen aficionado can/will shed light about its suitability for polka. Meanwhile, I will note the following:

    "I find Polka Carmen an odd thought, as did the judges [Virtue/Moir] consulted. However, it is no odder than Polka Giselle," observed our own ice dance expert dorispulaski back in Feb. (post #142 in 2013 Four Continents SD discussion)

    I did find two links for a Carmen polka by Georges Bizet ... which I assume is from his opera.
    - (2:20 vid of the polka played on a 1905 music box)
    - (listing for Carmen polka-mazurka sheet music for piano)

    Quote Originally Posted by aftertherain View Post
    I think he said "Phillip Glass."
    Thanks, aftertherain.

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    As an opera-goer who has attended quite a few performances of Carmen over my opera-going lifetime, and who has heard the score many times more on recordings - I have to say that a Carmen polka is an odd idea indeed, for any skater who wants to pay at least minimal honor to the spirit of the piece. I'm awfully glad that V&M used Carmen for their FD rather than their SD.

    Golden411, that You tube link is amusing, but that music is in fact the main tune of the Seguidilla (one of the title character's primary arias) followed with the brief rataplan tune sung by a chorus of children near the beginning of the first act. Played in tinkly music box style. The rhythms of the original tunes have been altered, and I wouldn't have thought to classify the result as a polka, but...whatever. In any case, it surely is not something I ever want to see anyone skate to.

    The music in Carmen is structured to an unusual degree, for an opera, around dance rhythms, but there is no allusion to a polka anywhere in the score. Any polka derivation would be something somebody - whether Bizet himself or someone else - later created from the opera's original musical material. As I said, V&M made a wise decision switching the music to their FD and I am frankly dumbfounded they ever considered it for a polka SD. I am glad we got their wonderful Carmen FD rather than what surely would have been an odd polka SD.

    Frankly, I think Giselle is in fact better suited to a polka. In hindsight, of course, it worked brilliantly. But even in advance of the first performance of that SD, it was possible to sense that a polka could suit the spirit of the first act of Giselle, whereas a polka is antithetical to the dramatic spirit and animating musical themes of Carmen. And D&W were particularly deft in selecting the right sections of the score to reflect what they wanted to convey. Unlikely as it may have seemed in advance, it proved to be a brilliant program.

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