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Thread: Figure Skating TV Schedule in the US?

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    I'm glad to know Heather is still there

    That's where I used to get all knowledge of TV schedules.

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    (1) @JohnnyGWeir
    Watch me tomorrow morning on @TODAYshow! I've got some big announcements to speak on!
    10:34 AM - 22 Oct 13

    (2) Online coverage (not TV), but FYI:

    We’ll be LIVE streaming the #SCI13 official practices on Thursday![2797]/2958/language/en-US/Default.aspx …
    10:57 AM - 21 Oct 13

    I seem to recall from last year that I was able to see the live streaming in the U.S. -- i.e., it was not geoblocked for the U.S. last year, AFAIK.

    (3) For anyone expecting a reminder, NBC's coverage of Skate Canada International:

    Quote Originally Posted by golden411 View Post
    - Schedule subject to change
    - All times Eastern
    - Check local listings
    - Sources:
    - older (p. 7)
    - ETA, newer version of the schedule as of Oct 9 posted by USFS on Facebook and Twitter:



    [INDENT]- Skate Canada
    Oct. 27, 2013: 4-6 p.m. NBC

    (4) I get the sense that everyone prefers to rely on Heather's schedule, so unless someone tells me I am wrong, I do not plan to post any additional updates to this thread. (No complaint from me. I've got no problem with making less effort. )

    Quote Originally Posted by verte76 View Post
    my local listings say NBC.
    Can't tell whether this post is intended as a joke??
    In case it is not: The reason that NBC and other networks always include a disclaimer to "check your local listings" is not because the coverage would be changed to a different network in a particular locality.
    But it is possible that a local NBC station would choose to air the network coverage at a different time -- or to preempt the network coverage for something else altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    I'm glad to know Heather is still there

    That's where I used to get all knowledge of TV schedules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrywidow View Post
    I have Direct Tv too & am able to get Universal Sports. I tho't I'd read somewhere that DishTV was offering Universal Sports, as well?
    I have Verizon Fios and get Universal Sports but don't see much for this event on the schedule. Plus I am heading out of town on Thursday and in hotels until Sunday so will try and catch up online if I can.

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