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Thread: Gracie Gold is no longer coachless (now coached by Frank Carroll)

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    News Gracie Gold is no longer coachless (now coached by Frank Carroll)

    "I am excited to be coaching Gracie Gold," Carroll said. "We have been working together for about a week now and I feel like we are a good student-coach match. I'm looking forward to the progress she will continue to make as an athlete."

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    Good for Gracie. Now she can go for Gold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikydurian View Post
    Good for Gracie. Now she can go for Gold!
    Gold at U.S Nationals maybe.

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    I am happy that this is settled and that Carroll sounds quite a bit more enthusiastic than he did now. I hope it is also a good match for Gracie's sister and that Gracie will figure out the logistics of everything (though judging from her twitter, she may just be making California her base and Carroll her 'one voice' as he suggested is best.

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    Good news for Gracie. I am glad Frank will be coaching her. Now that Gracie's coaching situation is
    finalized she can concentrate on the upcoming season.

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    Glad this is sorted out, but still no mention of whether Gracie would be based in LA or Canton... I imagine Frank would make her stay in LA. His previous comments about what he thought of her and her situation before the tryout seemed very honest and a little hesitant. I'm not sure whether this quote about him being very excited to coach her and them being a "good student-coach match" is genuine or just a standard PR quote. Either way, I hope Frank sticks by what he said before and that she doesn't resist any changes he might want to make. Best of luck to Gracie on the GP.

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