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Thread: Mervin Tran

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    Mervin Tran

    Good overview of Tran's skating career:
    Mervin Tran dons the maple leaf with new partner Natasha Purich
    By Beverley Smith

    Mervin Tran @skate_moivo dons the maple leaf with new partner Natasha Purich @tash_purich
    The photo in the tweet is different from the one shown in the Skate Canada article.

    ETA, lovely observation from the thread for Nebelhorn (where Tran and Takahashi skated their SPs back to back with their respective new partners):
    Quote Originally Posted by swurvestar View Post
    I'm watching the ISU stream and I clearly heard Mervin say very loudly to Narumi "Good Luck".
    I think that's very good sportsmanship, not that I ever thought he didn't have any, but wow.

    Mervin Tran & Narumi.Takahashi ISU biography

    Mervin Tran & Natasha Purich ISU biography
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    I'm sure Mervin is happy to be skating for Canada, but boy, do I miss watching Takahashi/Tran--they had something magical going!

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    Congratulations to Mervin for keeping his chin up and continuing to pursue his dream. A strong start for them internationally. Hope a strong free skate is to follow and Nebelhorn gives them confidence for the season ahead.

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    Globe and Mail article January 9th 2013

    A very nice article about Mervin (and his partner Natasha Purich) appeared today in the Globe and Mail. It is very heartwarming to see him back and still skating in pairs and doing it well.

    Good luck at the Canadian Nationals!

    (It is kind of nice to start seeing articles on figure skating start to pop up again. No doubt it has something to do with the Olympic year, but it is still really really pleasant to see the sport, more broadly, get some attention.)

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