Where have USFS been hiding this girl???!!!

Oh, yeah – in Pairs!

As you may have gathered, it is taking me some time to be convinced that Gracie Gold is the future of American Ladies skating.

But with Ashley Cain, I was convinced straight away after seeing her SP at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy. And her FS just cemented my opinion.

Of course, we are all talking about Radionova, because she won the Gold in her first senior international. And that is a magnificent achievement that should be talked about. But, we have known how good Radionova is for a few years now. Ashley Cain, on the other hand, just came out of the blue. Well, for us outside America, anyway!

But to win Bronze in your first senior international event as a singles skater, and to only be beaten by well-known names like Elena Radionova and Miki Ando, is some achievement as well.

And this was no fluke - Cain was 3rd in the SP (behind Radionova and Ando), and 2nd in the FS (behind only Radionova; Ando was 4th).

Ashley Cain is just so beautiful to watch on the ice. You would not think that she has only just come back from Pairs and, hence, is less experienced in singles skating than her peers.

I really can see her having a big future within Team USA. OK, so if we assume that Wagner and Gold are 2 of the girls going to Sochi, then I can't see Cain getting the third slot. There's just too many candidates - Czisny, Nagasu, Zhang, Cesario, Gao, Zawadski...

But if Wagner, Czisny and one or two of the other skaters retire after Sochi, then Cain has a good shot for Pjeongchang. She already has a good foundation on which to build over the next 4 years.

In summary, I think Ashley Cain deserves a thread in the Fan Fest forum. Because I have a feeling we will be talking a lot about her over the next few years...!!!