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Thread: Justin Bieber carried on Great Wall of China

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    Justin Bieber carried on Great Wall of China

    Who does he think he is?! What a spoiled punk!

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    He is truly a spoiled brat!

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    Unbelievable. We tell my 6 yr old niece that she's a big girl now and won't be carried.....

    I could understand this if he twisted his ankle or something while on the way to the top, but he appears to be un-injured.

    As for the guards running after him while he's on a skateboard, I'm somewhat indifferent. After all, if the president jogs, the secret service has to jog, too. That's a matter of keeping up with the person you've been hired to protect.

    However, being carried when uninjured is just a power trip IMHO.

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    Where are the Jonas Brothers when we need them?

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    Wish I'd been there, I'd have smacked the little emperor upside the head.

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