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Thread: The skater with the best outfit (s)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeko666 View Post
    Well, Kim better bring her patent lawyer to Sochi to sue everyone in a halter-neck dress, claiming the design as her intellectual property.

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    Not new but why lots of Russian outfits are very busy
    (don't take me wrong, I love these two skaters, through...)

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    I always think a lot of the dancers have great outfits. The ladies, not so much.

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    I like a lot almost all dresses of Yuna Kim, she is so classy! There was a big contrast between her LP dress and Mao's in 2010 (Mao was wearing that awful, ugly red dress). My second favourite is Kiira Korpi. Her LP Evita dress was really beautiful and suited her perfectly! When I saw Radionova's free programme from last year I was immediately thinking her dress resembles something! There are a couple of costumes of Kiira that have been less flattering, such as her SP dress from 2010, but generally speaking I love her dresses and style!

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    all Russian female skaters have either ugly or too glittery busy costumes that hurts the eyes or the lack of color, Tuk
    only Julia has gorgeous and unique costumes, love her costumes with gloves and the little red dress in her LP
    her only bad costume was last seasons ninja SP unitard

    Mao Asada is a hit or miss
    her LP costume at Japan Open 2013 was terrible

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    I like Wager, Gold and Kim's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wager's dresses are very good... most of the time.
    I didn't like Kim's last season's outfit, but her body (beautiful long arms and legs) saved it. Danse macabre is the best dress ever though.
    Gold is so beautiful!!!! and she is classy too. What a beautiful young lady...

    BTW I am selling Skate Canada tickets. 2 for $160. Close to middle and row 2. If anyone is interested, message me please !!

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