Last week there was a press conference at the rink Forum, in Milan. Some skaters attended it - Della Monica/Guarise officialized their switch to the Forum skating club, Cappellini/Lanotte and Bernardi/Mior talked about their new programs - besides two federation members.
One of them, Olga Gilardini, explained the criteria that will be used to decide which ice dance pairs send at Euros, Olympics and Worlds.
She explained that the federation set this criterias in order to make the selection as fair as possible, as now Charlène Guignard has Italian citizenship and thus can compete at the Olympic Games for Italy.

Article here:

Relevant excerpt:
Given the recent circumstances that happened in Italian ice dance – Charlène Guignard obtained the Italian citizenship – the Federation has decided to set different standards in order to guarantee a fair selection of the ice dancers who will compete at the major international competitions of the season: European Championships, Olympic Winter Games, World Championships. We will take into account the Technical Elements Score of three national competitions: the First National Competition – held in Bolzano – a test skate in November and the National Championships in Merano in December. We will sum up this scores with the best TES of two international competitions skated by the ice dancers during the first part of this season. The final standings will ratify the participants of the major three international competitions of the season. The Technical Panel of the three national competitions will be strictly balanced, in order to obtain the highest objectivity.
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