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Thread: Kavaguti and Smirnov out for the season?

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    Kavaguti and Smirnov out for the season?

    K/S withdrew in the SP, when he fell at Panin Memorial

    image: you may need vk account, looks very painful

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    K/S withdrew in the SP, when he fell at Panin Memorial

    image: you may need vk account, looks very painful
    Ouch! That does look very painful!

    I know they were probably going to retire this year anyway, but it would be a real shame if their career ended like this. Like, I was gutted when the Kerrs retired a couple of years ago because of Sinead's shoulder, especially as they were starting to become regular podium contenders.

    But this would be extra cruel, as it is an Olympic year, and the Olympics are in Alexander's home country. And, they were still an outside chance for the podium.

    Just so that you know, because you used the direct link for the image, you don't have to sign in to vKontakte to view it. I just tried the link without signing in first (I do have an account), and it worked fine.


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    That doesn't look very good, especially since he had to be helped of the ice. If he ends up having an operation, it would be very tough to be back and fully fit for Russian nationals to make the european an olympic squad.

    I really want to see them skate well and hopefully podium in Sochi. I am still disappointed that their Clare de Lune and February programmes did not get them on the worlds podium (mostly due to errors they made themselves).

    I really would like to see Yuko get an olmypic medal.

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    If they won't make the team, who? S/K?

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    Terrible day for K/S.
    Poor Yuko, they could have been 3rd in 2010. No chance in 2014 at all the way things are going but I still want to see them.

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    4,467 video and article :(

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    Kavaguti/Smirnov out for the Season ?

    Alexander Smirnov acting together with Yuko Kavaguti, fell on a jump, was traumatized and couldn't leave ice independently
    that Sascha has a clinical rupture of own ligament of a patella. After will make MRT (magnetic and resonant tomography) about injury of other ligaments, doctors will decide on operation volume.
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