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Thank you all for the information.
It's really interesting that 2 woman from the list are world champions, and another is world bronze medalist despite starting under 6.0.
I think the IJS really plays to Kostner's strengths and likely allowed her to skate for more years than she would have under 6.0. Suzuki had an unusual career, with a long break from competition when she was starting out as a senior; it took her a while to make up for lost time.

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For that matter, Zhang is an Olympic & world's silver medallist.
It's the 6.0 men who are the most accomplished, though - Plushenko of course with Olympic medals under both systems, and Takahashi and Joubert both have stellar competitive records, including world titles (and an Olympic medal for Dai) and other major accomplishments. Even Tomas Verner managed a Euro title and some respectable performances at Worlds.