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Thread: Reasons why the 'Stepukin' twizzles failed at Skate America

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    Reasons why the 'Stepukin' twizzles failed at Skate America

    The first innovation in twizzles were debuted by S/B this season! The first part of the twizzle sequence is done in a sit position. It recived level 1 in both SD and FD but in a weird twist judges gave them almost unanimous +2 and +3 GOE on them!

    These are two theories as to why the twizzles failed in getting above level 1

    Quote Originally Posted by sisinka View Post
    I agree that originality is something what is loosing, with old rules there were much more couples with original and breathtaking programs, while now it tries to look like an athletic sport only (like 3 000 metres of hurdles).

    ISU rules tries to come with originality – new Twizzles with new positions are original. But there is a posibility that Sit position can’t be performed correctly like Twizzle. Also Hurtado & Diaz were in trouble and their Sit Twizzles looked like a Piruette more than like Twizzles.

    What you must realise Gmyers, is the fact that no matter what position (difficult / easy) you have in Twizzles, it must be still Twizzles. Stepanova & Bukin are performing half Piruette / half Twizzle element in their Sit position. If you watch carefully their path on the ice (visible from normal motion during their SD, especially in Ivan’s case), you will notice that during that half rotation where they stop moving in every rotation of Sit Twizzles, they are doing minor circle on the ice with their skates of standing leg…Twizzles have another path on the ice, without any circles.

    So no matter how original you want to be the basic technique of every element must be done properly. If you are not able to fulfill the basic criteria and technique of the element (Twizzles in this case), don’t do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by sneakypie View Post
    After watching S/B twizzles several times here us what I think happened to their level. Fair warning this will be a long, technical post.

    This is the requirement to get a level 4 in a twizzle:

    The Additional Features I think they were going for were:
    In the first twizzle
    Group B (skating leg and free leg):sit position (at least 90 degrees between the thigh and shin of the skating leg); this is a Difficult Additional Feature
    in the second one it was
    Group A (upper body and hands): elbow(s) at least at level with or higher than the level of the shoulders (hand(s) could be above the head, at the same level as the head, or lower than the head);
    and in the third one it was
    Group C (pattern, entry, exit): both partners perform a third Twizzle of at least 3 rotations, performed correctly, started with different entry edge than the first two Twizzles, and preceded by a maximum of one step for Set of Sequential Twizzles or a maximum of three steps for Set of Synchronized Twizzles.

    Lets see what went wrong. They had different entry edges, direction of rotation and enough rotations in each twizzle for level four, so the error must have been in the Additional Features. In the second twizzle Stephanovas left elbow was lower than her shoulder, that drops them to level three

    because they still have two Additional Features and one is a difficult one.

    Now we get to the murkier part, either one of those Additional Features wasn't credited, but I don't see a reason for that since the sit position was clearly low enough and established within the first half rotation and the third twizzle had three rotation and a different edge unless the forward right outside edge and the backward right outside edge count as the same edge. Even if the third twizzle was not counted as an Additional Feature they still would have gotten a level two
    for a Difficult Additional Feature.

    So unless the sit position wasn't given credit for some reason, they must have had a level adjustment:

    The only one that could apply, in my opinion, is the Pirouettes. Ice coverage is something that is very hard to judge in a video because of the camera angle, in the slow motion replay it looks like they are almost staying in place, but in the angle during the program they seem to travel at least a little. This is rather subjective and the judges may have had an overhead view camera to make that call.

    At finlandia they were given level 4. So what is the issue with these twizzles?

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    According to Tanith Belbin on Ice Network, it was because each set of twizzles starts on the same edge. She said all they need to do is change the edge on the entrance to one set and they would be fine.

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