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Thread: Cesario has her eyes on national podium

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    Cesario has her eyes on national podium

    I saw this nice article on Samantha on Ice Network.

    Why oh why is she skating to Carmen again??? Isn't there any other music to try??? I want to see something else!

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    She was an amazing Carmen imo, so I can understand her using that program again and I look forward to seeing her perform it again.

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    I personally loved her Carmen. It was so fierce and *BAM* right in your face. She wasn't pretending to be something she's not, so that's why I love her program(s).

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    J'adore her! Best Carmen ever! And she is truly a polished skater with fire and attack! She deserves to be up there with Ashley, Polina and Gracie!

    Oh, people I just read the article....sam had mono for two months. I had mono at age 19. My boyfriend did one in my townhouse at college did. I chose to stay in college and go home weekends after a rest so I would not lose credits and parents entire semester money. Yes super scrupulous. So Sam has had injuries and now 2 months off with mono. If she reads these forums I know she has many fans here. Please second and third me if you love her skating and wish her well. I personally would love to see her on the podium at Nationals.

    I'm not sureif she has a fan fest thred but hope so. Lots of bad luck has gone with obvious talent. She is a fighter. And I love her Carmen, even the dress is pretty. I find no fault in her presentation. And I enjoy her so much it matters not about a wrong edgeor a ur. She is a complete performer imho.

    Get well soon sam. I know lots of members here love your skating so I hope you somehow catch this thread. Here's to your first podium finish at nationals!

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    I love Sammy, and will be pulling for her this season & beyond. It's been a pleasure watching her skate for the last few summers @ the Liberty Summer Competition. I guess the mono partly explains why she wasn't there this summer.

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    Glad to see she has that fire in her belly--love her skating. Perhaps the mono had something to do with her sticking with the same program. I had it years ago when it was going around my school, and it really does drag a lot out of you for a long time. Maybe a new program would have just been pushing it too much.

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    This is only the second season for her FS, which is not uncommon. She skated to Carmen in her SP for three seasons.

    I like her Carmen and it sounds like they made some changes, including the new combo, so I'm sure it will still be enjoyable.

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    I hope she has a good season and is scored appropriately for her performances. I give her credit for coming back after injuries and illness and continuing to improve each time. I loved her Carmen program because she sold it and it stood out from all the other Carmens. I'd love to see her on the us podium and perhaps sneak on to a GP podium

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