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Thread: Julia Lipnitskaia :P I know-I know

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    Julia Lipnitskaia :P I know-I know

    I want to hype her a little! She is so consistent
    Just watched her at SC..I was nervous when she skated but she was clean. I'm so happy that finally we have a good senior lady! Who is still good after Juniors
    I don't think she will be on the podium of the Olys, but after this she SHOULD be sent there AND if she skates like this she should be 4 or smth)))) Haaaaaappyyyyy!)

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    Yes, I like her too. But there is a Fan Fests subforum for this kind of thing.

    Edit: Oh jeez, there's already a thread in there for her and it's at the very top.


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    It was ridiculous to see how much she was being underrated after last season. I told the naysayers how wrong they were but as usual with certain individuals they wouldnt listen. Julia has lots of areas in her skating I admit I dont like much right now, and she has alot to improve, but she is super consistent and that will take her a long way. All this talk about where people would place with all skating cleanly in ladies events by other posters is frankly a joke, as a lady singles skater going clean is an anamoly, not a norm. For mot of todays top 15 something like 3 obvious errors is a good competition. Julia is the only one out there today besides Yu Na who is likely to skate cleanly.

    She is a lock for the Russian Olympic team IMO. Even if she had a rare bad skate at Nationals they would give her inflated PCS and GOE (despite those not being her strength internationally) to preserve her spot. Adelina, Liza, and the others are fighting for only 1 spot.

    As for the Games she will probably be top 6, and could sneak in for a medal (gold is very unlikely mind you) if others falter, as they probably will.

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    She is a fierce competitor. You can see that she thinks she's the best and won't settle for second place. I don't like her small jumps, but she is a machine with her consistency. And her spins are the best in the world.

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    Very impressive. She reminds me of Sasha Cohen at that age, although of course more consistent. Very expressive and mature. She needs to fine-tune some stuff and I don't like the way these Russians move their arms and hands, it creates poor aesthetic lines (although Julia seems better at it than some of the others, and that's really a small point that is never going to affect a skater's standing in these competitions -- it just bugs me as a dancer). But overall excellent.

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    What I would like to see her improve in coming years:

    1. Bigger jumps. I think the other aspects of her jumps besides the lack of height, distance, and sometimes flow out is very good, and her jumps still get pretty good GOE.

    2. Not so much standing in place and doing flexability moves over and over. Needs more variance in her c horeography, although I liked her programs more this year than the past.

    3. Needs to feel the music better.

    4. Needs more overall speed, power, and ice coverage.

    I do think she can improve in all these areas.

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