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Thread: Which American Men do you want on the Olympic Team?

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    I want whoever can land the jumps.

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    Evan and Jeremy.

    Substitute choices: Josh and Adam (one not both)

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    No Jeremy; he may have the best edges in America and it's great when he lands his jumps, but his head is just not there. I am sure Yuka is sick of hearing his excuses.

    I love Adam this year - he seems much more confident. So I'm going with Adam and Jason just for the experience; but neither of them will be near the podium at Oly's.

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    Adam and either Joshua or Jason. Jason is quite consistent and though he has low base TES scores his GOE and PCS are very high. Adam is experienced, has high GOE and PCS, has good TES. and is rotating (if not landing) a quad with higher BV than a 4S or 4T. Joshua is inconsistent but his programs are beautiful and he has high base TES. Max skates like a junior. I love Jeremy and it would be nice for him to have a good Olympics, but I am very disappointed in his programs this season and his jumps are missing in action.

    Confused by everyone saying Evan...we haven't seen him in nearly four years. Frank said in an Icenetwork article that he has no idea about Evan's condition, other than he has a bevy of injuries.

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    Adam and Jason but I don't think Jason is consistent enough with the 3A to merit going. Adam's quad is not consistent and to be honest I agree he should be penalized more for the sp. I like Max's esxplosiveness but without the jumps he really gets lost in the heap. Minor had his minor blip for greatness a couple of seasons ago but he has failed to find it. Imho Evan had his chance and is pushing his luck. Yes, the rules guarantee him a spot at nationals (I think that is such a stupid rule - so we are promoting entitlement???) Olymics has a way of bring a lot of surprises so it is possible I guess the 3 japanese men, Ten, Chan, Fernandez could falter but then again it seems like the American men have to fight Reynolds, Brezina, Verner, Joubert and Amodio to name but a few still

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    Still 2+ months between now and Nationals/Olympic trials. Would be awesome in my book to see Adam maintain his momentum on the technical front and for Ross to just calm down/be less worried/skate with more freedom and confidence.

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    I want : Max Aaron and Joshua Farris to make the team (and if Evan Lysacek comeback I would replace Joshua by Evan)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flying camel View Post
    I want whoever can land the jumps.
    I'm right there with you!

    Maybe we should adopt Nobunari Oda. Even when he goofs up, he does better than any of the Americans, and there probably won't be room for him on the Japanese team.

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    Let's consider the team event. I want Jason to skate the SP and Max to skate the LP. So they have to be the 2 to go.

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    I never thought I'd say this, but I wouldn't mind Evan being on the team. The American men are so unreliable, many of them are as capable of winning a GP medal as they are finishing dead last. If everyone skated their best I'd love to see Jeremy and Adam, perhaps Max for a little more excitement with the jumps.

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    Evan can't even get on the ice and compete at this point. Unless by a miracle he heals up what kind of shape will he be in? 4 years have gone by now and the sport has evolved and i don't see him landing a quad especially with all these injuries.

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    Farris and Brown. None of the U.S men have a hope of a top 5 at this point, so might as well send the U.S future. If not them some combination of Dornbush, Aaron, Rippon. A huge NO to Miner, Abbott, or Lysacek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammers View Post
    Evan can't even get on the ice and compete at this point. Unless by a miracle he heals up what kind of shape will he be in? 4 years have gone by now and the sport has evolved and i don't see him landing a quad especially with all these injuries.
    Exactly. I doubt he even skates at Nationals and unlike Kwan in 2006 there is no chance in hell he gets a bye to the team if he doesnt (nor do I think he will ever be able to skate well enough to legitimately make it if he does somehow compete).

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    Just some data for your consideration:

    Total score

    Adam Rippon 241.24 (Skate America)
    Max Aaron 238.36 (Skate America)
    Jason Brown 231.03 (Skate America)
    Joshua Farris 216.72 (Skate Canada)
    Jeremy Abbott 215.95 (Skate Canada)
    Ross Miner 196.89 (Skate Canada)

    Short Program
    Jason Brown 83.78 (SA)
    Adam Rippon 80.26 (SA)
    Max Aaron 75.91 (SA)
    Jeremy Abbott 74.58 (SC)
    Joshua Farris 69.14 (SC)
    Ross Miner 66.71 (SC)

    Short Program TES
    Jason Brown 44.85 (SA)
    Adam Rippon 43.23 (SA)
    Max Aaron 41.37 (SA)
    Jeremy Abbott 35.30 (SC)
    Josh Farris 33.11 (SC)
    Ross Miner 32.15 (SC)

    Short Program PCS
    Jeremy Abbott 39.28 (SC)
    Jason Brown 38.93 (SA)
    Adam Rippon 37.03 (SC)
    Ross Miner 36.56 (SC)
    Josh Farris 36.03 (SC)
    Max Aaron 34.68 (SA)

    Free Skate
    Max Aaron: 162.45 (SA)
    Adam Rippon: 160.98 (SA)
    Joshua Farris: 147.58 (SC)
    Jason Brown: 147.25 (SA)
    Jeremy Abbott: 141.37 (SC)
    Ross Miner: 130.18 (SC)

    Free Skate TES
    Max Aaron: 90.47
    Adam Rippon: 83.01
    Joshua Farris: 74.80
    Jason Brown: 68.69
    Jeremy Abbot: 65.59
    Ross Miner: 60.54

    Free Skate PCS
    Adam Rippon: 82.08
    Jason Brown: 79.56
    Jeremy Abbott: 77.78
    Joshua Farris: 73.78
    Max Aaron: 72.98
    Ross Miner: 69.64


    If I did a 15, 10, 5 point system (outside of top three gets zero points) and all factors were equal, here's what you got:

    Adam: 75
    Jason: 55
    Max: 50
    Jeremy: 20
    Josh: 10
    Ross: 0

    Base on the statistics on hand, send Adam for sure and have Jason and Max duke it out at 4CC. But of course it's the first GP of the season and we haven't seen Richard Dornbush yet. But just a fun little exercise.

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    Hmm, maybe I should expand.


    Max: because he's fun, exciting, super jumps, always gives you everything, always putting in a huge effort and always trying something new. I think SLC and SkAm were a blip on the radar; he's had to scale back the jump focus to focus on getting the "artistry" in there (really, it was fine before!), but I'm expecting a much better showing at NHK and Nationals.

    Joshua: because he's wonderfully talented, such lovely skating, and because I will not object to seeing Schindler's List as many times as possible this season.

    Jason: because he's wonderfully talented, brilliant, so much fun and joy in an adorable bundle, and would just light up a world arena.


    Adam: Because where did this Adam come from? So smooth! Jumps so nice! So...both programs! But wait! Will he keep it up? Or will the old Adam re-emerge?

    Ross: Because it's Ross. :D His jumps give me the heebie-jeebies though. He always looks off-axis to me.


    Jeremy: Sorry kiddo. But you've had lots of chances and you've blown every single one, and I have seen nothing so far to tell me otherwise. A gorgeous skater but one who can't be trusted.

    Evan: Four years off and just expects to waltz onto the Olympic team? NO.

    Haven't seen yet:

    Dornbush. Too bland for my taste but we'll have to see how he goes and what he gives us this year.

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