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Thread: NBC Broadcast of Skate Canada - Sunday, 4-6 eastern

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    One more comment regarding Hamilton and Bezic:
    By real-life standards, they are not "old" -- but for better or worse, network executives often prefer to put younger personalities on TV. So if Weir and Lipinski continue to show professionalism and competence (as I expect they will), I think their futures at NBC could be very bright.

    Quote Originally Posted by loop9497 View Post
    Yes, I understood your question. For gymnastics, NBC only shows Nationals, Worlds, and the American Cup on a regular basis. Universal Sports shows the Nastia Liukin Cup and the U.S. Classic, and in the past showed some world cup competitions (those are equivalent to the Grand Prix in figure skating). Shannon was not used by NBC to do any competitions in the lead up to London - not even as a sideline reporter. It is unfortunate since I think she does a good job. Both her and her 96 teammate Amanda Borden are pretty decent and I wish NBC would have actually considered them before going with Nastia (thought I think she is OK so far and felt she had potential from the first time I heard her). They are now using Amanda Borden sometimes for Universal Sports.
    Thanks for your detailed comments and explanation, loop.
    Had no idea that a competition is named after Liukin.
    I remember Amanda Borden as a competitor ... but did not know that she has been working in television. (Do not have access to Universal Sports.)

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    I was extremely impressed with Johnny Weir's commentary during the 2013 Skate Canada Men's Long Program. His insight from a skater's perspective was especially helpful to people like me, who are fans of the sport but have never even stepped on the ice. He included details that were interesting and that only those closely involved with the sport would notice, such as the softness vs. stiffness of a skater's knees and how this impacts overall performance. He brought up excellent points concerning choreographical and
    musical choices as well. Overall, Weir's commentary, in addition to being polished and professional, enhanced my viewing experience and added to my appreciation of the sport and the difficult work the skaters were doing. Bravo to NBC for casting Weir as a commentator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    Awesome. Thanks

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    sweetiesteph23, Welcome to Golden Skate!! Post long & often.

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