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Thread: Men SP - Cup of China 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallylutz View Post
    I don't agree. I am impressed with this skate from Han Yan. Although the overall performance is very well executed and smooth, the power he got from each stroke is still not quite as much as some of the other top male skaters.
    Disagree. Even since his junior days it was his incredible glide, power and knee bend that made him a stand out. He's definitely top 2% in the world in that regard and better than most veterans. His straight line footwork here was a great demonstration of his ease of turns, glide and knee bend. What he lacks when being compared to the masters of SS like Chan and Kozuka etc is precision and control in the stroking. I think his edges are as deep as anyone in the world, but he could be a bit wild. He needs to consistently skate with that kind of edge quality throughout the program. Right now everything still seems a bit inconsistent but with such raw talent I think he'll get there in no time.

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    ^ Totally agree....but boy, does he have so lovely knees and jumps and edges even if there is room to keep working. Its exciting to imagine him, with Jason, Josh and some others not only this season, making the veterans sweat their olympic hopes, but after that as well!

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    Welcome, maybeee. Thanks for joining us. Post often, post long!

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    Thank you for your welcome. I'll probably go to TEB and I'll try to post some short summary of the events. I have other meetings in Paris but I'll try to post here.

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