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Thread: Some questions about TEB

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaraM View Post
    Thank you so much everyone! I did get to meet Jason at the hotell! And he is the most adorable, sweetest guy ever!!
    Yeah, he has such a great personality - you don't even have to meet him to know that, it shines in his skating. Did you see him high-5 and Big Hug with Hanyu after their exhibition skates? I got a great photo of that :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaraM View Post
    Yes Kori is very beautiful and warm person, she just have this calmness and kindness about her and you can she that she really care about Jason alot Glad you enjoyed it
    Thanks so much for your report on both Jason and Patrick! It's amazing when things work out this way! Very, very happy for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaraM View Post
    It was absolutly awesome! He is just so humble and down to earth and so is Kori! She took our picture, there were some others that came up to him as well and Jason stopped and talked to everyone and whenever someone was giving him a compliment he was just blushing and saying thank you, its like he dosent know what a big star he is! Super personality! Talked a little to Kori too, and she sayed that hes been doing quads in practises for awhile now, but its too unstable to put in comp yet this season. I also met Patrick and boy was that funny, first of all i have a newfound respect for Patrick now, he is not cocky whatsoever and you can see that he appreciates his fans, he was willingly posing for pictures then kathy came and started chase everyone away, babling about theyre on a tight schedule and he needs to rest, she was running in and out of the elevator like a headless chicken like shes so important and kept saying come patrick, Patrick just ignored her and kept interacting with the fans, very classy! Also i noticed after he got his record score today, all the media and everyone was around him and he just left them and instead started signing autograps for fans from the tribune for like 15 min! And the whole time the media wanted to talk to him but he just kept signing!! Jason also put his medal around Koris neck after the podiums that was too cute.
    Also John Coughlin is my new buddy now, talked to him for like 20 mins! So yeah hanging around the hotell was a great idea, superhappy! Had a great experience here in paris :D
    SaraM, sorry that I never got around to posting my thanks earlier for your great post about Jason and Patrick. I'm glad that you had the enjoyment of meeting them, and I'm appreciative that you shared your excellent reporting with us.

    What you wrote really was memorable to me. I just quoted you in a discussion of Patrick in a GPF thread in The Edge.

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