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Thread: CoP fans-are changes coming after 2014 season?

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    CoP fans-are changes coming after 2014 season?

    After these Olympics and Worlds, are there any planned changes to CoP in any discipline that will be noticeable to average fan? I wonder what might happen if there is a controversial win by Patch at the Olys?

    If people are thoroughly confused, will we see some simplification in judging esp. of jumps? I wish to see scoring changes that make more sense to people who might become fans. I am afraid Chanflation (tho I love his basic skating and it's awesome those rare times he skates fairly clean) might really confuse the public.

    What can IOC do at this Olympics to bring sponsors bck to skating?

    Sochi is a huge oppty. to reclaim people. I want to see Stars on Ice back in business. I wish I knew what would push networks or ESPN to cover more. Is skating truly dead in USA? For good?

    I want a tour of champions!!!!!

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    Most definitely there will be changes. The ISU may be looking at points changes to balance out the programs. At the moment, a lot of skaters are back loading their programs. Points wise, that's great, but there's only so much music that can make a skater look good by having jumps at the end.

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    Also Ottavia Cinquanta has to retire as president of the ISU. Hopefully they will elect a figure skater to become ISU president.

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    Changes come after every season.

    Scoring in any sport will never make sense, regardless of the system used, unless you study the actual rules.

    ISU could work on presenting the scores a little better perhaps.

    I'd also support making FS weighed slightly higher than SP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GF2445 View Post
    Also Ottavia Cinquanta has to retire as president of the ISU. Hopefully they will elect a figure skater to become ISU president.
    Cinquanta "has to" retire in 2014 because he is ineligible to run for re-election due to age, according to the ISU Constitution. However, when it comes to the ISU, it's "Constitution? What Constitution?" The infamous Proposition 7, passed in 2012, extends Cinquanta's term of office until 2016.

    It is widely expected that Didier Gailhaguet will succeed him.

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    Great thread idea. I just wanted to point out that scoring issues happen across all disciplines. Patrick has become the most obvious example in many peoples' minds, but there are issues elsewhere, especially in pairs. That said, I'm not sure what changes will fix things. Reputation scoring is not new. It happened under 6.0 too. Also, while I understood that the highest score you could get was a 6.0, I never knew how or why judges decided between, for example, a 5.7 and a 5.8, so in a way 6.0 was actually more obscure. I think the main issue here is that the TV commentators have done a mediocre job of explaining COP to the viewers. They could say what the BVs of the jump elements are and which levels of spins and footwork skaters are planning and/or have executed. That way, people will think, "Skater X is a better skater, so I can see why they won." Whether they agree with this is a separate matter, but at least they could understand it more clearly. Understanding it doesn't mean they have to agree with the result. We all understand COP and we still disagree about results all the time. The same thing happens in more "objective" sports. Many times people have said, "The ref/umpire made a bad call." Heck, if there wasn't controversy, US sports talk shows would barely have a reason to exist!

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    The implications of the rule changes for music will be very interesting to see. The allowance of vocals will really create some cognitive dissonance early in the season I'll bet. Let's see if some adventurous young up and comer pulls a "Miley Cyrus" type move out of their bag of tricks just to break out, and if so, what the judges' reactions will be.

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