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Thread: Great Lifts in Ice Dance

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    Great Lifts in Ice Dance

    What are some of the best dance lifts you have seen?

    I would say the criteria is:
    1) creativity
    2) accordance to the music
    3) difficulty
    4) the "wow factor"
    5) naturalness (not looking awkward)

    I can come up with only a couple from the recent programs at the moment, but I would like to check out what other people recommend.

    1. Virtue/Moir 2012-2013 LP Carmen - Rotational Lift (at the end)
    2. Katsalapov/Ilinykh 2013-2014 LP Swan Lake - Straight Line Lift (very first one, in combination with rotational lift)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aftertherain View Post
    P/B have been doing variations on that lift for years, so it makes sense that they'd include it in their farewell program.

    I'm not a huge fan of the focus on lifts in ice dance, because a lot of times it's the third criterion that is emphasized at the expense of everything else and I feel like I'm watching acrobatics and not ice dance.

    But to pick a fun one: Hurtado/Diaz's reverse lift. It's not often that you see a reverse lift done as a scoring element.

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    I was mesmerized by Dubreil and Lauzon's horizontal body lift in their "At Last" program. I'm glad somebody picks Hurtado/Diaz as I've always loved that reverse lift... it's like Anissina/Peizerat but even crazier.

    Virtue and Moir's final lift in their FD last year was also pretty insane.

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    One of my favourites this year: (Gilles/Poirier FD)

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    Dubreuil and Lauzon had what were some very amazing lifts, especially for their era.

    Anissina's lift in Romeo & Juliet, where she lifted Peizerat was very startling at the time

    The Goose Lift that Virtue and Moir, especially the version they did in their Olympic program was remarkable.

    So is the first lift in Davis and White's FD this year. This one:

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    This lift by Meryl and Charlie. They took the standard rotational lift you see by so many pairs and made it something sublime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samson View Post
    This lift by Meryl and Charlie. They took the standard rotational lift you see by so many pairs and made it something sublime.
    That was one of my favourite Ice Dance lifts ever!!

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