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Thread: Olympic moments you will not forget

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    Good Memories
    Yagudin 2002
    Lysacek 2010-Jumping up and down on my sofa!
    Shen & Zhao 2010-Finally!
    Rochette 2010-amazing to see her win a medal and pull though after all that happened

    Bad memories
    Michelle 2002-Broke my heart :*(
    Paris competition 2002-and not just for the normal reasons. I still maintain that Ina & Zimmerman wuz robbed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    Joannie Rochette's amazing gutsy superhuman SP. It was great. Her LP tho flawed was amazing too. It shows how incredibly trained and focused she was, always on the scene with Mao and Yuna to content with. I'd love to see her come back.
    I will never forget Joannie's performance in 2010. I always loved her, but I have a whole new level of respect and admiration for after 2010. I have no idea how she was able to keep her focus and skate so well. Superhuman is the word for it. Liz Manley and Jennifer Robinson (The CTV commentators) couldn't commentate while watching Joannie in the SP, they were crying. Scott Hamilton was really choked up after her LP. It shows how close the figure skating community is. When she hit her closing pose and started crying I just lost it, too and started crying. I wanted to jump through the TV and give her a big hug. I think I cried also during the medal ceremony. She is one tough and determined skater. I want her to comeback, so her final Olympics is one she can enjoy. She's definitely in shape enough to do it. OK, I'm done gushing.

    Other moments
    2006- Zhang/Zhang having that awful fall in their LP and the attempted throw 4S then not only finishing their performance but skating weil. Incredible!
    1998- Tara/Michelle showdown: So close! Michelle's maturity and grace in what must have been disappointing for her is what really endeared me to her. I liked her before but I was even more won over by her classiness.
    Lulu's comeback and bronze medal in 1998- So emotional and heartwarming
    Elvis Stojko in 1998: To skate like that with such a nasty injury and hide it right until the end, he was the epitome of mental toughness and focus! Too bad that's when his career turned
    V/M and D/W in 2010- Again, could have gone either way and while I'm Canadian so was rooting for V/M, I'd have been just as happy had D/W win.
    Ilia Kulik in 1998: Classic OGM performance. He deserved his win.
    Sarah Hughes come-from-behind victory in 2002: No one saw it coming, but she earned it. She was always a good competitor who rose to meet the occasion in her peak.
    Yu-Na Kim in 2010: It was her competition to win or lose, and she sealed the deal with her flawless performances.
    Shen/Zhao's comeback in 2006, winning the bronze against all odds
    Piang/Tong and Shen/Zhao going 1-2 in pairs in 2010
    Arakawa's gold in 2006. Everything women skating should be. Power, elegance, technical content, maturity. She was there to win, right from the start, and she delivered.
    Emily Hughes pure delight at just being at the Olympics in 2006
    Alexei Yagudin OGM winning skate in 2002.

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    Shen/Zhao getting OGM
    Tara v. Michelle --- sigh
    Sarah v. Michelle --- sigh

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    Midori adding in the second triple axel and her beautiful smile afterwards and her Rain exhibition
    Nancy Kerrigan coming back after that horrific incident and skating 2 clean programs
    Oksana Baiul's Swan short program, it was gorgeous!
    Chen Lu's comeback in 1998 omg I cried it was so beautiful
    Michelle's Nagano performances, she was gorgeous and I'll never forget Lyra Angelica, she was so graceful and classy during those games and at that time I truly fell in love with her skating.
    Tara's free program, it was pure joy and even though I'm not Tara fan I'm more of a Michelle fan I enjoyed her free program and it was amazing! Plus the Michelle vs. Tara showdown was fantastic!
    Yauguin at the 2002 olympics it was so amazing!
    Sasha recovering after two falls in her Romeo and Juliet freeskate
    Yuna Kim being amazing during the Vancouver Olympics, I'll never forget her bond short program. I loved her reaction after her free skate
    Mao landing three triple axels I was blown-away by her and it was amazing
    Joannie's performance it was so heartbreaking and I was crying throughout her whole performance I admire and respect her for bravery it was amazing

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    That entire final six of the ladies' long program in 2010 was memorable. When I think of the high-quality skating and the coolness under pressure exhibited by all the skaters, it seems unbelievable.

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    All time favorite: Fusar-Poli Margaglio OD in 2006.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aikon View Post
    All time favorite: Fusar-Poli Margaglio OD in 2006.

    Oh, my--with the Glare of Death. You had to have sympathy with both of them in that moment of supremely honest reaction by Fusar-Poli.

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    My all time favorite Olympic figure skating moment was Evan Lysacek winning the OGM in 2010.

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    - Torvill & Dean 1984
    - Battle of the Carmens 1988
    G&G 1988
    - Baiul 1994
    G&G 1994
    - G&P 1998
    - Yagudin 2002
    - Yu-Na Kim 2010
    - Virtue/Moir 2010

    I'll never forget these moments.

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    Midori Ito's 1988 Olympic FS.
    Possibly the most outstanding ladies performance to not even podium, let alone win.

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    Yuna Kim 2010!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuki View Post
    Midori Ito's 1988 Olympic FS.
    Possibly the most outstanding ladies performance to not even podium, let alone win.
    Just fabulous!

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