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Thread: Ladies SP - 2013 Trophee Eric Bompard

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverlake22 View Post
    Her jump layout for both SP and FS is pretty baffling though, given how unstable her 3f and even sometimes 2a are, why she goes for a 3lz-3lo combo when she knows it's going to wind up being called 3lz e-3lo< at best and very possibly 3lz e-3lo<< just seems like asking for trouble. Way too risky imo.
    She doesn't have any very reliable jumps, so I guess her strategy is to go for the most difficulty. It's still early in the season and she should be trying to put some difficult moves out there. It's funny how people commend Ashley going for her 3/3's but criticize Adelina for trying harder jumps. She can always plan a safe layout for Nationals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayuki
    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFiguring View Post
    There is only a .02 point difference between Adelina and Anna in the SP, hardly any fodder for eventual placement projection.

    This Ladies field is particularly weak.
    Well you do know how Sotnikova's FS's are, right?
    Tell me about her FS.

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    LADIES SHORT PROGRAM - VIDEOS (By Starting Order) - Updated

    Warm-Up Group 1

    1. Samantha CESARIO (USA) Short Program
    2. Anna POGORILAYA (RUS) Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    3. Natalia POPOVA (UKR) Short Program
    4. Amelie LACOSTE (CAN) Short Program

    Warm-Up Group 2

    5. Mae Berenice MEITE (FRA) Short Program, 2nd Copy
    6. Christina GAO (USA) Short Program, 2nd Copy
    7. Viktoria HELGESSON (SWE) Short Program
    8. Adelina SOTNIKOVA (RUS) Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    9. Ashley WAGNER (USA) Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy


    Overall Result, Segment Result, Protocols

    Adding link to a copy of Mae Berenice Meite's SP (with sound)

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