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Thread: Press conferences, interviews and articles

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    Press conferences, interviews and articles

    Hello everyone, I am starting this thread because our friend and forum user Pingu (Laura) is in Paris so here are the press conferences she posted about the french national team, Pechalat Bourzat and Amodio (a very special thanks to Tatjana Flade for the translations from french to english). The articles are in italian but I believe Google Translate should work

    Pechalat/Bourzat: [url][/url]
    Google translate [url] news%2Ffabian-bourzat-il-libero-e-il-nostro-pezzo-forte[/url]

    Amodio: [url][/url]
    Google translate [url] news%2Fflorent-amodio-non-sono-ancora-al-top-della-condizione-ma-il-mio-obiettivo-e-sochi[/url]

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    P&B interview confirmed what I have thought about the SD this season. The judges are looking for "strictly ballroom" for the Finnstep.

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