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Thread: Can you draw a map of the U.S. from memory?

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    I attended Catholic schools back in the days when teachers/religious sisters could hit you. I was so terrified of our 4th grade history/geography teach Mrs. Roach (that was her married name!). She was blond, beautiful and she was one of the slappers! Luckily, she never slapped me but I was scared of her just the same. Why am I going on about Mrs. Roach? Because one day she asked us to draw a map for homework. I cannot draw to save my life. I just cried when I got home because I was sure Mrs. Roach would slap me if she didn't like my effort. So my late grandmother (who raised us) asked my older brother to draw a map for me. He did and HE could draw beautifully! Yes, I cheated and boy did I have the worse case of Catholic guilt! But I'd rather risk Purgatory than get slapped by Mrs. Roach like some of the other kids had! She LOVED my 'drawing', gave me an A and tacked it up along with a few other nice ones. Thankfully that was the only map she asked us to draw in that class - but I felt traumatized! Even reading this thread about maps made me all tense and anxious!

    From - A Fallen Catholic

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    this thread had me wanting to quiz myself, so I found this link of different geography quizzes... I am not doing as well as I did in Jr. High and High School, I am ashamed.

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    When i used to have 'where in America is Carmen Sandiego?' i was able to.

    Did anyone grow up playing that game? I loved it

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    My kids had it. It was a lot of fun.

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    I think everybody is bad in detailed geography when it comes to a different continent. I couldnt do it to save my life.
    There was this article the other day which I found quite humorous about trying to figure out european countries, article is in greek but pics are funny

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