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Thread: Free Dance - 2013 Trophée Eric Bompard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagger View Post
    I & K did a great job in the off-season and the result in this of it not only became the new lifts (and no lifts better and more difficult in 2010/11). They become greater endurance, they are more stable in the elements, Lena keeps better posture and lines, they have much better programs, costumes and exterior. They received a long standing ovation from the neutral audience on the first competition of the new season. By the way, the first in their career. It's not impressive progress?
    PS. sorry about my language
    Do you want to tell that all others couples went to Hawaii during off season and didn't work hard as Lena and Nikita? If they did more work than others and are more prepared, why they got low levels at NHK, and stumbles at TEB, while other couples can skate their programs with levels and without mistakes?

    And welcome here too Jagger.

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    I can't believe peoples are thinking P/B (Circus 2.0) and V/M (Mahler 2.0) trying new things, challenging themselfs.

    Virtue/Mor's weakness is lifts and their free dance which really don't have WOW factor. They lost the TES, Weaver/Poje at the Skate Canada and Ilınykh/Katsalapov in TEB.
    Pechalat/Bourzat's weakness is skating skills, twizzles and spins. Also skating slower than other teams.
    Ilınykh /Katsalapov's weakness is dance holds and getting levels.

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    V/M- their program is growing on me. Really like the music.
    I/K -startled by the huge jump in scores in just a week! Wow. Will be curious to see how they do in future competitions.

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