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Thread: Is Christina Gao being scored correctly?

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    Thumbs down Is Christina Gao being scored correctly?

    Feel Goa is underscored, again. There was a little stumble on the step sequence, but the rest was quite beautiful. I liked Edmunds; she is musical but still a gawky adolescence. I admire Nagasu for her staying power and pluck to not even have a coach. But, Gao´s quality is so much superior - positions, flow, speed. I just don´t understand what the judges DON´t see that they are looking for. Anyone can explain this to me?

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    I don't understand what the judges see in Gao and why she is getting the PCS scores that she does. She's mediocre at best in all PCS aspects. Her choreography is basic, her posture and lines are poor (rounded shoulders, arm movements not fully extended) and she doesn't seem to skate to the music the majority of the time. Her basic skating has improved but it's still far from being smooth. Is there something I am missing?

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    I think she is a beautiful skater. I don't think her posture looks as bad as anyone else skating. I thought she should have scored much higher. But she always seems to make little mistakes in the SP which makes her look like she is not confident. Also she always seems to skate first or near first in the LP. The judges are going to leave room for the skaters to come. She is really at a disadvantage. She needs to throw it down in the LP and have no regrets. I heard her say she is going back to Harvard in the fall, so this may be the last nationals for her.

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    For me the stumbles weren't quite so little, especially the second one but I'm not going to venture on how it should have been scored. I like her, but I think I like her as a person more than her actual skating. Have to agree that her posture is bad. The rounded shoulders and back really do detract from her skating. Also she doesn't finish off her movements and comes across as sloppy at times. Overall she's very good but she lacks that "wow" factor. Unfortunately I hardly think she has reached her potential because her deficiencies are things can be improved upon.

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    Nagasu's positions/flow at least are much better than Gao. Gao has to do so much back pumping just to get speed, and like others have said she's a bit slumped and her arms are not that great. Can't really comment on Edmunds because she's so young and inexperienced (and I think she was overscored in PCS anyways).

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