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I still have a dream of him returning next year and finally winning Worlds. I wrote Javi off and look what happened. A fully trained, somewhat healthy, very motivated Tatsuki could do it. Even his marks from Skate America would've gotten bronze, and that's with early season PCS and watered down LP content.
The winning score (273 I think) was definitely within his reach and looking back it's a bit sad he lost the gold with a 282. Even if he didn't win I think he would have made the podium but his life, his decision I guess.

I think any chance for him to return next year has gone away along with the spot they just lost. Barring injuries or other similar circumstances I think the 2nd spot is kept for Shoma, which is very unfortunate for Mura and especially Murakami who was just starting to do well. 2017 Worlds seems even less likely at this point but who knows, the Japanese team has been way too unpredictable to say something for sure.

All in all it's been tough to follow the men's event this year watching the Takas crumble and missing Tatsuki's skating. I'm just glad he'll be back in a month and we'll see him on the ice again, if only for a little while. I'm also hoping for an interview or a press conference because I'd like to know his thoughts on everything and just how he's doing in general.