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Thread: Rostelecom Cup - Gala

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    Rostelecom Cup - Gala


    [URL=""]Bobrova / Soloviev[/URL]

    [URL=""]Tatsuki Machida 2[/URL]

    [URL=""]Tatsuki Machida 1[/URL]

    [URL=""]Savchenko / Szolkowy[/URL]

    [URL=""]Julia Lipnitskaya[/URL]

    [URL=""]Weaver / Poje[/URL]

    [URL=""]Maxim Kovtun[/URL]

    [URL=""]Bazarova / Larionov[/URL]

    [URL=""]Carolina Kostner[/URL]

    [URL=""]Chock / Bates[/URL]

    [URL=""]Javier Fernandez[/URL]

    [URL=""]Moore-Towers / Moskovitch[/URL]

    [URL=""]Mirai Nagasu[/URL]

    [URL=""]Riazanova / Tkachenko[/URL]

    [URL=""]Konstantin Menshov[/URL]

    [URL=""]Stolbova / Klimov[/URL]

    [URL=""]Elizaveta Tuktamysheva[/URL]

    [URL=""]Monko / Khaliavin[/URL]

    [URL=""]Richard Dornbush[/URL]

    [URL=""]Antipova / Maisuradze[/URL]

    [URL=""]Satoko Miyahara[/URL]


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    Thanks again a million Mao88!

    Mirai's exhibition was the best imo of the women. I'll keep hoping that she and/or her coaches/choreographer will have an epiphany and use "On Golden Pond" as a competitive program! She really moves me in this one, it's just lovely.

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