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Thread: Canadian Challenge Starting Orders are Up

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    Canadian Challenge Starting Orders are Up

    The starting orders are up for Challenge on the Skate Canada website under 'results ' and then 'Challenge'.
    In senior ladies Osmond, Daleman, Chartrand, Mallet and Seguin are all skating, but not Lacoste.

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    What is the Canadian Challenge? Is it just a smaller competition to help the skaters get their feet under them before Canadian Nationals? I watched Osmond's video from the event, and it seems that the rink was small and had no seating?

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    A skater without a bye has to skate the Challenge to get to Nationals. Kaetlyn didn't have to skate, but did as did a few others with byes. The others had to qualify for the Challenge though provincial or district competitions called Sectionals. . I don't know the Regina rink, but likely it had some seating in a few areas. The camera only covered the ice and the section where the coaches etc. were. Most small hockey/community seem to be like that, and also these buildings have a number or rinks as this one did. The novice etc. competitions were held at the same time, somewhere else in the building. The Challenge would not ne expected to draw a large audience.

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