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Being a North American, I was excited about Bourne/Kraatz, so I didn't enjoy Annissina/Piezerat. The program that changed my mind and made me a fan was their Romeo and Juliet. Hey, thought I, they're not just being propped up by Euro-phile judges. They're amazing!

So I don't know if that counts as "a program I like by a team that I don't like" or more of a turning point, but either way, I wasn't a fan of theirs when I first saw that program.
Oh yes. I just 'didn't like them' and then R/J happened and I was transfixed. I also was wearing thin on Shae-Lynn and her crybaby scowls and tears by that time too. What a brilliant program that was, R/J.


Marina and Gwendal are both impossibly beautiful, it almost seemed like a Disney cartoon. I loved this program. Poor Victor Kraatz. He was probably THE best ice dancer in the world for years, but had to settle for Shae with accompanying results. He was Baiul-like in that he could skate to anything. Shae was either perky or pouty. As one would say "She ran the gamut of emotions from A to B." And I think this is the first and only time I could ignore the female in the pair. All I saw was Victor skating out there. He was an amazing dancer. Alas, alack.