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Thread: Will Carolina Kostner retire?

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    Question Will Carolina Kostner retire?

    can someone please translate this?

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    I'm sorry, I don't have time to translate it all, but to answer your question: she was asked right at the end if this was going to be her last competition, she hesitated and then replied: "I don't know".

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    I hope so!

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    Carolina's long career has always impressed me, and she made me a true fan with her flawless Olympic Games. But truthfully, I wished she had left well enough alone, and finished after the Games. She can't be at all happy with Worlds. But only that person knows when they're ready to be done.

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    I am glad she went to Worlds. She gave us that beautiful Ave Maria and finally received the well deserved standing O that she was robbed off in Sochi. I am sure those are moments she will never forget.

    I'd be happy if she keeps going for maybe one last season without Oly pressure but I highly doubt it.

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    Q: So, what do you think about your third place?
    A: First, I want to say that today is an historic day for Team Italy, because we won two medals, gold and bronze. As for me, it's a great joy because I didn't know exactly what to expect from this competition, so it's fantastic to go home with another medal around my neck.
    Q: After Sochi, you won another medal. What are your plans for the future?
    A: I hope to have set an example with my skating, having being patient and consistent [! Maybe she's meaning something like “persevering”], an example to all young skaters to be patient, sometimes you fall, but then you pick yourself up, it's not the end of the world, it's not the end of your life, you have to believe in yourself and follow your heart.
    Q: To whom do you want to dedicate this victory – I mean, this wonderful result?
    A: It's not easy to tell, but I want to dedicate it to my staff, to my coach, I want to thank him so much for being with me all these years, for being so patient bearing with me everyday.
    Q: Well, his patience has been well repaid by your results.
    A: I hope so, it's an amazing teamwork, it's not your typical coach/student relationship, it's an actual teamwork, because I'm often a pain in the neck, always asking why this and why that, I question him, so we're working on my weak points, and I always think I have to be trained to my top level in order to succeed, it requires a lot of work and commitment, but thanks to my staff and to my coach, we've come to this, and I learnt something from every competition, from every situation, I tried to make the most of out of them.
    Q: Was it your last competition?
    A: I don't know.

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    I am sorry, but I will miss my Carolina. I am a huge Mao fan and I like Yuna Kim. But there is something about Caro that nobody has. She is regal, elegant and sells her programs very well.

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