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Thread: Do we still have polls?

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    Do we still have polls?

    Someone posted a link to a very humorous thread on FSU. And I noticed a poll, on who people wanted to podium at the Olympics. Their polls are in their 'garbage can' section but its all regular stuff, no gossip, or what one would think from the title. The poll was who do you wish to podium in ladies, so it would be who you like, or perhaps thinks deserves it.

    I was surprised at results. I think it was Mao, Akiko, and Carolina, but not sure if that was exact order, I think it was. I don't see any poll section here...I think there used to be...maybe I am not looking in right place. It's a fun thing-polls etc.

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    Is there any reason a poll can't be done in this section, if there is no longer an official place to put them?

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