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Thread: Photos and Videos GPF 2013-2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSGMT View Post
    Yuzu was falling really hard in those 4S
    Where was that? I didn't see Yuzu fall on anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan View Post
    Ms. Pogo looks fierce! She was the only one posing for the camera.
    The other three look like they just got to Disneyland for the first time.

    I'm gonna be rooting for Pogo to make the team.
    I have a different take: Anna, Radionova and Adelina are super happy "we'v made to the final…"

    Julia is like, "It's just a final"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexRus View Post
    7 photos (update - plus 8 photos from practice, total 15 photos)
    Another update: now up to 21 photos total.

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