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Thread: UR question for lutz/flip re: Satoko

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    Question UR question for lutz/flip re: Satoko

    I have a question regarding how people count the revolutions of the lutz/flip jump.

    There's the skating foot and the landing/picking foot. Since I've been following figure skating, I thought you start the revolution at the takeoff of the skating foot and end the revolution when the picking/landing foot comes down. But the people in the Japanese nationals thread have me confused now because so many say Satoko pre-rotates her lutz, which I guess is true if you start revolutions when the landing/picking foot leaves the ice:

    I'm pretty sure it's my initial thought but I can't think of a time a lutz or a flip pre-rotates.

    In any case, merry christmas (mr. lawrence)

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    Lutz and Flip can definitely be pre-rotated. They leave the ice on the toepick foot and it needs to be accounted for if the skater turns too much on the takeoff. Satoko's technique is bad and needs to be fixed.

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    Yes, unfortunately, Satoko pre-rotate her lutz and flip jumps. I really wish she can fix it in the near future.

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