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    Exclamation Trouble with MK Prof. Blade rocker...

    Hi all,
    I've had MK Professional blades for the last 2-1/2 years and I admit when I first changed to them from recreational skates they were a bit hard to get used to, spins and almost everything was off.
    After a while (felt like ages) I got used to them and spinning was a breeze, spins were my strong point, variations, combinations. I loved to spin!
    For a while I needed new blades but money was tight -- so I hung on for most of this year with very dull skidding blades, up until 4 months ago when I was able to get my second pair of MK Blades. Same model, everything. I understand that people are telling me i need to just get used to these new blades, but it upsets me because four months have passed and I've almost completely lost all my spins. I can't do forward spins because its very shakey and I rock back and fourth on the rocker trying to find my balance ,even changing to upright backspin is impossible, my blade 'catches ' and I fall right out the spin.:( I'm so used to spinning on the ball of my foot and with my new blades its like I'm spinning on the toepick. I've read up on some websites that discuss blades and the 'hollowing of the rocker' , at the moment my rocker isn't hollowed at all so I end up rocking ALOT instead of feeling 'flat' on the ice surface.
    I guess I'm not asking for much but if anyone has some advice or tips on how to overcome this, I'd appreciate it so much. I miss spinning immensely , I'm tired of boring sessions with some odd unbalanced jumps and footwork, I want my spins back!! :( thanks again!

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    I hope someone will have some good advice for you.

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    I had a similar problem a few years back with MK Pros. In my case, they'd redesigned the rocker profile so that it was much more aggressive and rounded than anything I'd even skated on (I'd skated on MK Pros for decades). I ended up having to switch to MK Comets b/c I couldn't adjust to the new MK Pro design. I don't know if they've done another redesign in the three years or so since you last bought your blades, but if they have, that could be part of the problem. Another problem could be that sometimes they produce blades that have the wrong radius--my first new pair I got from them had a 5.5' radius rather than a 7' one. I exchanged the defective blades, but still had trouble with the new ones that were the correct 7' because of the shape of the rocker profile (the part you spin on).

    I'm not sure what you mean by your rocker not being hollowed. The entire blade should be the same radius of hollow (ROH). 1/2", 5/8", etc--whatever your skate sharpener gave you. The ROH is different than the radius of the blade itself--that's the 7', 8', etc. number.

    I don't have any advice on how to adjust b/c I was unable to adjust to mine and had to switch models. Four months seems like ample time to adjust to a blade, though, so these blades may not be the right model for you any more, unfortunately.

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    Well, your old blades would have to be flatter than your new blades due to mutliple sharpenings so of course there's an adjustment period. However, 4 months is a long time. Quality control of blade radius isn't known to be that great so it's possible that something's off. Maybe have a skate technician take a look at them? They do have an instrument that can measure radius or you could compare the profile to other blades of the same size and model. It could be a mounting issue as well. Just because the blade is the same size and model doesn't mean that the screws go in the same place. Also don't know what you mean by hollowing the rocker.

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