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Thread: Men SP - 2014 Russian Championships

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutien View Post
    Thank you for sharing all the videos, Kutien. It's very much appreciated.

    4toe/3toe was ok [0], 3axel and 3lutz were near perfect [2] and you could use them to show other skaters how it should be done. The control he had on the landings was incredible.

    Other than the jumps, everything else is still lacking. He was quite slow for a skater of this standard, choreography was basic (jumps front-loaded, third jumping pass in the same spot as the first) and there were hardly any transitions. Not much happening in between the required elements. Steps and spins were slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post
    Arent they all do the same? on 3-5 layout it is even worse in the second half.
    Very true! Like almost all skaters -ladies and men don't start off he second half of their programs with4 or 5 jumps in a row with no transitions in between and nothing goin on but 4 or 5 jumps in a row!

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