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Thread: How About That Hydroplane? OOPS! Hydroblade.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    How About That Hydroplane? OOPS! Hydroblade.

    My coach showed me the hydroplane about two months ago, but we dropped it in order to finish up my Silver Moves. Now that I've passed, I'd like to surprise her by working on it and being able to do a decent one by the next time she remembers to ask.

    Any thoughts on a good way to practice it? I never did it when I was a kid, so I'm not sure on how you "get there." Do you just keep sticking your leg out and try to get lower each time? Is there a way to practice it off ice? Should I be working on doing lunges (on the floor, possible with weights) so I have better strength on going down and back up again? What position do you put your arms in?

    Any help is appreciated!

    P.S. And just to be sure I'm calling this move the right thing -- it is not a back "shoot the duck," it's the move where you're going backwards and you "tuck" one leg under and out to the back/side of the other leg, which is bent as low as possible to the ice.

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    Re: How About That Hydroplane?

    Hi Cinderella! It's a hydroblade, not a hydroplane.

    I've been working on bending my knee more and more eacxh time I do one, to get comfortable with going lower a bit at a time. When I started doing it and tried to get really low too fast, I was doing Zambonis instead of a hydroblades :lol: .

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Hydroplane? Hydroblade?

    Sheesh, I can't even call it the right thing, let alone DO it! :lol: What a mess I am.

    Does the foot on your free/extended leg touch the ice? Do you ever lean on your bended knee for support or to push yourself back up?

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    Cinderella - in answer to your question - no, no and no. One of the adults where I skate does it with both arms in front over her head (her head is looking down and her arms are straight up). Hard to explain, but it looks cool. I haven't mastered that one yet.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Hydro Dork

    Guess it will be a long time before anyone says, "WOW, look at her hydroblade" while I'm skating. It will be more like, "WOW, what the heck is THAT?!? I found a videotape for sale that teaches how to do them. I'm going to think about getting it, but only after I talk to my coach and see how she tries to teach it to me.

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    Re: How About That Hydroplane? OOPS! Hydroblade.

    I'm learning hydroblade, too! It's so frustrating - I can't hold the bending knee low enough and when I try to go lower, I would fall. Any suggestions on improving the muscle strength?

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    Re: Anti-Zamboni exercises

    Starskaterz - I don't really know of any strengthening exercises that might help. In my case, the problem is often more of a balance thing - I have no problems getting up, I have problems keeping on my blade if I go down too far or go into it too sharply (which sometimes happens in my program). I've found that repetition really has helped me a lot. Good luck!

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    isnt this a good hydroblade

    go to this website and look at this hydroblade!!!!!!

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Where's MY Guy??!!??

    Oh sure, if I had a cute GUY to lean on, I could do the darn hydroblade!

    Here's my next question. I'm attempting to do it on a right back inner edge. I take it there are many different kinds? Sorry I'm so stupid about this move. <img src= ALT=":o"> No one seems to be doing them at our rink.

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    There are two basic types of hydroblade.
    1. on the back outside edge with the free leg extended out of the circle.
    2. a little harder, on the back inside edge with the free leg crossed under and extended out of the circle.
    A good exercise would be to try shoot the ducks.(a really deep knee bent on one foot, if you didn't know) Try this off-ice too, doing a few rep's at a time. sometimes resting the heels of your hands on the ice while at the bottom can help.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: hydroblading

    Thanks, Icestar. I used to have awesome shoot the ducks (forward and backward), so I suspect the outer edge hydroblade is something I could master if I really try. I'll continue to work on the floor for both, and as soon as I break out of this stupid cast, maybe I can be a little more serious on the ice.

    Thanks for the help! If I ever get a good one, I'll take a pic and include it here. <img src= ALT=":\">

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    Re: hydroblading

    Doing super-low sit spins can help with learning how to hydroblade. That's how I gained the confidence to try hydroblading. Doing shoot the ducks helps too.

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