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Thread: Bavarian Open 2014 Jan 29 to Feb 2

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    Bavarian Open 2014 Jan 29 to Feb 2

    The Bavarian Open is coming soon.

    Announcement pdf is supposed to be here

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    News Bavarian Open 29 January - 02 February, Oberstdorf


    29.01 - 02.02.2014


    Bundesleistungszentrum Oberstdorf,
    Roßbichlstraße 2 - 6,
    D - 87561 Oberstdorf


    They can be picked up at the entrance of the ice hall. No information about the pricing yet, but it wont cost a lot.

    How to reach:

    The Bavarian Open are held at the same place like the Nebelhorn Trophy every year. If you come by train just go in direction of the Nebelhorn Bahn, there are signs everywhere. Once there, just cross the bridge and you will be able to spot the ice rink.

    Side note:

    There is no official media / press support, so sadly no video stream and my reports might take a bit longer than usual. I will also not be able to write about every performance, but if you have someone you want infos about, let me know and I will for sure cover him, her or them. Thanks for your understanding!


    There are over 255 entries, so I will just list a few that I think you know.

    Senior Ladies: 25

    Jenny Parker
    Fleur Maxwell
    Francesca Rio
    Seidi Rantanen
    Kaat van Daele
    Alina Fjodorova
    Joshi Helgesson
    Monika Simancikova

    Senior Men: 18

    Paul Fentz
    Petr Coufal
    Kiril Sokolov
    Franz Strobel
    Markus Bjork

    Senior Pairs: 5

    Julia Antipova & Nodari Mausuradze
    Annabelle Prölß & Ruben Blommaert
    Katarina Gerboldt & Alexander Enbert

    Senior Ice Dance: 13

    Allison Reed & Vasili Rogov
    Gebriela Kubova & Matej Novak
    Henna Lindholm & Ossi Kanervo
    Shari Koch & Christian Nüchtern
    Ramona Elsener & Florian Roost
    Valeria Zenkova & Valeriy Sinitsin

    Junior Ice Dance: 27

    Rebeka Kim & Kiril Minov
    Marina Elias & Denis Koreline
    Daria Morozova & Mikhail Zhirnov
    Eva Khachaturian & Igor Eremenko

    Junior Ladies: 48

    Ana Catana
    Elena Mangas
    Louise Jensen
    Samira Huskic
    Jenni Saarinen
    Annabelle Prölß
    Liubov Efimenko

    Junior Pairs: 5

    Bianca Manacorda & Nicolo Macii
    Ami Koga & Francis Boudreau - Audet

    Junior Men: 34

    Egor Murasov
    Roman Galay
    Madia Dalla Torre

    Advanced Novice Girls: 50

    Greta Mager
    Kalina Lewicka
    Petra Laakonen
    Vanessa Grallert
    Camilla Cappellin
    Stína Frederiksson
    Ekaterina Kurakova

    Advanced Novice Ice Dance: 11

    Katerina Burina & Andrei Sokolov
    Maria Marchenko & Egor Pozdniakov

    Advanced Novice Boys: 20

    Kai Jagoda
    Luc Maierhofer

    Full Line up below:


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    This will be the results page, its not yet online - but you can save the address already if you want

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    Oh I didn't see you already made a thread about it Doris, I also posted mine in the wrong section.

    Sorry about that.

    Maybe you can either move mine or merge the two?

    Sorry again

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    Michael Christian Martinez just took part at Skate Helena 2014 (January 25th 2014) in Belgrade.
    He is an entry (?!) for the Bavarian Open 2014 too

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    Quote Originally Posted by pororocheburashka View Post
    Michael Christian Martinez just took part at Skate Helena 2014 (January 25th 2014) in Belgrade.
    He is an entry (?!) for the Bavarian Open 2014 too
    Is it wise? They always complain about not enough money for trainings. With all the expenses from these competitions, they could have spent with a solid training with his coaches in the US. He is very young and very promising skater. At the same time, he seems to suffer too much injuries during the past few years.

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    Thanks Doris, you rock!

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    Those intereted in the draw.

    Petra Laakkonen 8.36
    Ekaterina kurakova 8.56

    Vanessa grallert 12.18

    Jurek Kolbe 15.39
    Jenni at 16:56 first skater g1
    Ljubov 17.57 first skater group three

    Tanja Odermatt at 21.07

    Annabelle not listed at juniors anymore, so just Paris i guess.

    Anyone else you want to know.

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    Very decent entries in all categories. It's going to be a very good event. This is what 3rd international competition held in Obertsdorf this season? Or 4th?

    I wonder on what basis did they divide the Junior Ladies into two groups. It's 14 in one and 32 in the other so it's nowhere near even. Maybe age?

    Great to see both of the new Japanese Pairs competing here.

    27 Junior Ice Dance teams! Very surprisingly Stepanova/Bukin are competing here. I thought they have switched to Seniors now. Maybe they intend to return to Junior Worlds and want to test Junior programs?

    Quote Originally Posted by BusyMom View Post
    Is it wise? They always complain about not enough money for trainings. With all the expenses from these competitions, they could have spent with a solid training with his coaches in the US. He is very young and very promising skater. At the same time, he seems to suffer too much injuries during the past few years.
    He needs to be in Europe for the Olympics anyway so he just arrived early. It's extra cost but not that much as he's not going home and back.

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    No power for laptop yet so just very short news.

    I dont know about the groups will ask

    Its the 4th event here this season

    Start lists are online, no live results though sorry!


    Petra 32.06

    First fin, as all the fins lovely skating. Opened up with a double Axel, followed by a double Lutz - Toe comb. No triples but still a great performance to me.

    Julia 26.01

    I liked the way she performed very naughty.

    Greta 28.30

    Ekaterina 37.63

    First russian, she is so tiny - but never stopped smiling. Great triple Toe - double Toe opening, sadly an underrotated triple Sal - double Axel very solid.

    She performed to some brasilian soccer rythms. She was smiling a lot, good performance!


    Leonie 22.22
    Thyle 20.41
    Laura 23.94
    Anastasia 23.77
    Katherina 25.60

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    We now have power, a table and a great seat directly at the ice rink. Will try to make a pic later so you can see it for yourselfs.

    Group three just skated.

    11. Sophie HANKE 28.47

    Loved this one, she is a very elegant skater, like a Ballerina - Princess - great positive attitude throughout her performance, also as she had a tiny collision with the end of the ice rink after her combination (no fall, just a touch with the hands). Curious what she has to offer in her FS.

    12 Marina DELLA ROVERE 24.75

    I felt she was very quick on the ice.

    13 Franziska KETTL 26.72

    Loved her spins, great speed. Loved her dress!

    14 Elizabet GALAZDRA 21.07

    She was a more introverted skater, but it fit to the music.

    15 Ann-Christin MAROLD 28.43

    Great personality, such a naughty performance! Btw. she isnt related to the jungle camp model Larissa

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    Group 4

    16 Greta LUPATELLI 25.96

    Oh god she had to wait like forever for her scores, all alone on that kiss & cry with 2 of those nasty ice bears! How frightening That said, they might were more scared before her than she of them *laughs*.

    17 Uljana NIKULINA

    This young lady was not on the ice. I saw her however very early skate.

    18 Anna Rose JANSEN 27.84

    She reminds me a bit of Glebova somehow ... lked how she started her program with the combo

    19 Maggie HILLS 28.09

    She performed a Tango, liked the height at some of her jumps. Sadly she fall on her first

    20 Lena KREITMEIER 30.70

    I felt she had a lovely interpretation to her flamengo skate, I love it when skaters go very deep in their knees. She already came 4th at NRW this season with a combined total of 83.88 which she should be able to top with her FS tomorrow. Sadly she fell on her Axel at the beginning, still brave to try this element! Solid double Lutz double Toe and double Flip.

    Group 5

    21. Anita ÖSTLUND 34.76

    I think the swedish team is so far the loudest, they have occupied quite a few seats, always cheering for their team members. Anita performed some very good jumps like a triple toe - double toe combination and a nice triple Sal. Also liked her spins a lot!

    22 Maelle OBERLÄNDER 22.23

    Not the highest diff. in her jumps, but still lovely to watch. Always great if skaters enjoy their time on the ice. Sadly she fell on her comb.

    23 Anna WEHRHEIM 26.24

    She had to fight on her double Flip, good double Lutz - double Rittberger comb. Loved her layback at the end.

    24 Melina MÜHLBACHER 27.10

    She skated to Cleopatra, what I enjoyed about her was that she always tried to implement her whole body. As example her arms, they were always a part of the performance, but she also kneeled down - like that a lot! She performed a double Flip - double Rittberger comb, single Axel and a nice double Lutz.

    25 Kristina ISAEV 28.27

    Nice adjustments during the tempo change. Great smile throughout the routine, I liked her jumps and the combo, sadly the triple Sal was under rotated - nice black & red dress as well. Fit well to her attitude!

    26 Eva-Liisa LOHMUS 18.32

    Aww, she seemed a bit shy! But hey, the ice rink has a few more visitors now than before so we shouldnt be to harsh to her! She opened wit a double Flip - single Toe. Okish double Lutz - Axel underrotated sadly.

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    Advanced Novice II


    (1). Antonia 18.91

    She had such a relaxing music, with birds singing. Antonia is one of those skaters who dont need any jumps to be a pleasure on the ice.

    1. Jasmin LUGERT 30.10

    The German skated an irish dance program, good Axel at the start, no triples but it was funny how her face was red like a tomato Sympathic skater she is.

    2. Harriet BEATSON 26.18

    Liked her skate, especially the spins, very charming! Axel just single, double Rittberger - Toe combo at the start.

    3. Hannah RÜHRNÖSSL 23.92

    Sadly fell on her Axel, loved the emotes during her routine. Very funny! Double Rittberger - Toe combo and a double Flip - all a bit shaky sadly.

    4. Pinja LAINE 27.05

    Great SS and Interpretation if you ask me, sadly her jumps didnt work at all. She triedthe triple Lutz! - but fell sadly. Her combo was also just a single Flip double Toe. Still I liked her skate.

    5. Sarah KUHNERT 28.08

    Liked how she always had her eyes in the crowd, loved her step sequence and interpretation. Good performance, she had no triples but a double Flip - double Rittberger combo, nice spin at the end of her program, it achieved a level three rating.


    6. Vanessa GRALLERT 30.99

    We traveled together to Oberstdorf, she from Berlin and me from Leipzig - met in the train ^^ FS just stand out from the masses if you ask me. :D

    She has got legs - loooong! Really enjoyed her program, Axel was just a single, but a great triple Sal at the start, sadly with struggles. Her double Rittberger - Rittberger looked very solid and got some positive GOE. Great Layback at the end as well, loved watching her skate.

    7 Emily HOPPE -

    We did hope for her to perform, but nope. She didnt come :(

    8 Stina FREDERIKSSON 24.94

    A Swede at Austria, loved her dress in red & white! I was entertained by her performance, sadly she fell on her double Axel, but the rest was decent! No triple´s though and she fell on her combination at the toe.

    9 Miriam JAHN -

    Not on the Ice

    10 Morgan SWALES 26.92

    Oh god, that was so lovely. Soft Piano and then her skate - wow. Morgan started with a lovely level three spin and spread the rest elements very nicely. No triples, but still - I loved her performance. Another of those skaters who dont need jumps to impress! She was wearing a nice green dress with slight bling bling, fit well to her blond hair. One of my fav. performances so far! High five!


    11. Jade RAUTIAINEN 33.75

    Lovely dress, red belt - everything else white. Loved her way of skating, especially the final jump which was a triple Sal. Talented young lady from Finland.

    12 Michaela Lucie HANZLIKOVA 35.41

    She sadly fell on her comb that started with a triple Toe. The triple Rittberger was clean however. But damn was she fast. Tiny little - but very fast skater from the Czech Republik. Loved her funky approach in the program, naughty!

    13. Camilla CAPPELLIN 26.35

    Not sure if she is related to Anna? However, what I loved was the way she moved her hands to her mouth during the layback - like throwing kisses up to someone in heaven. Nice attitude, is this the next Valentina? She def. got the talent for it if we talk about how to look at the crowd. I liked her opening double Axel, sadly the Sal had to be downgraded.

    14. Francisca WOLF 30.10

    Great Bielmann at the end, it was like she was kissing the blade, hard to believe she only got a three for that!. Such a flexibility got a nice pic of that Her comb consisted of a double FLip - double Toe - no triples, but still lovely program!

    15 Meike RÖMPLER 31.79

    Loved the speed she had in her spins, especially if you consider that she isnt such a tiny girl. Very nice performance, great double Axel enjoyed it. Solid double Flip - double Toe as well.

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    Alex this is great, THANK YOU for all the updates!! Was trying to find a live stream but this is great too

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