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Thread: MUST SEE - Drobiazko / Vanagas - THE most underscored ice dancers in world history. ever.

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    At least D/V danced while some of the current teams such as Davis/White tend to go for mini-pairs lifts to make up for their lack of actual dance quality. D/V also showed genuine passion & emotion while Meryl just has the same facial moves no matter what.
    And this is coming from a Davis/White fan !.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSkater View Post
    Meryl just has the same facial moves no matter what.
    And this is coming from a Davis/White fan !.
    I'm in awe of D/W's technical abilities... But I do have to admit that I did have a little "who does this remind me of?" moment when I saw this scene...
    (Don't take me seriously! I sure don't!)

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    D/V were phemonemal.

    Should have been 3rd at 99 Worlds, 2nd at 2000 Words, 1st at 2001 Worlds (and Europeans! That tango program was awesome! So sad they dropped it as a result of horrendous judging), 3rd at 2002 Olympics, 1st (in the LP at least) at 2002 Worlds, 1st at 2006 Worlds. Deserved 5th at 2006 Olympics as well despite the big mistake in OD; the Ukranians were crap that season and should have finished 6th, I'm sorry.

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    ^ Don't forget the 2006 Europeans, where they should've been first too. DelSchoes should've been second. N/K had a terrible FD at that competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchie View Post
    I'd be curious about your take on Drobiazko/Vanagas!
    What comes into my mind thinking of Drobiazko & Vanagas…
    Povilas was strong both technically and in presentation, Rita was ”femme fatale” with worse technique than Povilas (but she improved throught years), but she was a very passionate and dashing woman. They were a dance couple who danced beautifully (their qualities to express what was the music about was on high level).

    Althought I liked their 2000 FD more I would put them at the podium at 2002 Olympics, 2002 Worlds and 2006 Worlds. Yes, beside the name of the couple there is a word “undermarked” in my head.

    Their dances were full of passion, drama, big emotions, speed, interesting choreo.
    What I also liked very much pointing to Povilas that he was a great dancer (even better than Rita) but he always promoted and prioritized his lady over himself. Once somebody told me that the best dancer is the one who is great but at the same moment allows and helps his ice lady to shine. Skaters like Vanagas, Shabalin, today partly Scott and Nikita are doing this. But of course it needs lady who has qualities to shine. Althought Rita was weaker in technique than Povilas she impressed people with her passion and drama and she forced the audience to forgot about her edges and to live a passionate dance with her.

    About facial expression of Rita – I always felt that she lived with music and story, she didn’t play it like so many recent and today’s ice ladies, she was totally in her program.
    I don’t like that so many skaters are starting with facial expression and dancing comes as something inferior to face. If skater’s facial expression is more impressive and interesting to you than dance and movements – there is something wrong.

    As a couple Rita and Povilas were great and always brought a big impression. To negatives - beside Rita’s technique, their dances were in quite similar style looking at 2000-2002 – very passionate and powerfull, in 2006 it was a romance but sometimes I could see that Rita is in trouble to keep an image of tender and innocent Christine (sometimes her movements were more passionate that music was). But still Phantom was very good program, good enough to get medal at Worlds.

    Somebody mentioned two footed skating, yes, it was there. But except 2006 they spend their career under old judging system. If you look at 2000 Worlds you will see that all couples had two footed skating more than today. As well as many skaters had many running steps in programs.

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