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Thread: Kostner might be out of Europeans as well

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    Kostner might be out of Europeans as well

    According to this article (unfortunately in Italian, so I give a short summary) Carolina might not be ready to partecipate in Europeans due to the lack of preparation because of her injury.
    It is also reported that it might be the result of changing her programs. Before Christmas she was seen in Oberstdorf (where she trains) practicing "Bolero" for the FS and "Ave Maria" for the SP. Lori Nichol was also spotted at the ice rink.

    She skated to "Ave Maria" around Christmas and it is indeed constructed like a SP, the spread eagle and the spiral substituting the 3L and 2A.

    Let's wait and see until official announcements are made.

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    With how beautiful she performed Bolero at Worlds and Nationals last year, if she goes back to that program, she will more likely be a medal contender than with her present programs.

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    I really hope she's well enough to participate at Europeans. She'll need that as a test run to get her ready.

    I warmed up to her Humoresque SP but I really hope she goes back to Bolero; Scheherazade just wasn't working well. It was good as an exhibition piece but I can't see her winning a medal of any color if she sticks with that program. Bolero on the other hand...I could see her on the podium with good performance of Bolero.

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    Well I hope Lori Nichol charges her. It is a lot of work at this point one would think to go change two routines - granted they have been done before. To be honest though I detest Bolero even when Michelle did it and I wasn't so enamoured ever with the music. It is rather annoying; you can tell this is an olympic year - the pressure.

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    Argh, this news is a bummer. However, the most important thing is to be in good condition for the Olympics.

    If she is changing programs, then she certainly could've used a competition to try them out, but I don't think Shizuka changed her programs until the Olympics either, so it could still work out for Kostner. I actually liked her Humoresque SP, it was quirky and whimsical. Ave Maria looks gorgeous, but now it seems like most of the ladies have this soft/lyrical/moving theme going on, which is fine for each of them individually, but collectively, it's kind of blah.

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    On her official web site on January 1, she said she was scheduled to skate at Europeans in mid-January. She said to check back. I did today and there was no change in the message. All that money on costumes and choreography down the drain.

    I find it hard to believe that Lori has actually gone to Germany. If Kostner is skating old programs, why would she need to?

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