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Thread: Kostner might be out of Europeans as well

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    Great news she's going. We're up for a very interesting battle between her and the Russian girls. For once, ladies' competition might actually be one of the more exciting ones at Europeans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mateusp1 View Post
    Caro is going to Euro!
    Is she? That is a good idea. I felt it was a too risky to debut two new programs at the Olympics!

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    Happy, happy... hope she wins euros and then an olympic gold medal

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    I'm happy she is going to Euros and I was worried for her because she has two new programs and it would've been difficult for her to debut them at the Olympics so it's a smart move for her to go to Euros and I hope she wins I really don't want a repeat of the 2010 Olympic season for her that would be sad.

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    Great news, definitely!

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