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Thread: Practice Reports

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    Practice Reports

    Are there any ? .. For everyone , but particularly Dance ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colleen o'neill View Post
    Are there any ? .. For everyone , but particularly Dance ?
    We did make the hour long trip out by bus to watch some practice yesterday... The rink is absurdly far from downtown Ottawa and if you want to do anything at all other than attend the skating (eat good food, skate on the Rideau Canaal) you really don't want to stay anywhere other than downtown. Anyway we saw the last two groups of men and the first group of dance practice. In the first group of men it was interesting to see Roman Savosky, only 14 or 15, but a nice skater, no triple axel but lots of potential. Jeremy Ten was skating well, solid on everything other than his 3axel but he still landed most of them. He will be a contender for the podium. In the final group, Patrick was skating well, quads solid, fell on the triple axel in his run through but landed most of his attempts in practice. Kevin Reynolds looked very good, landing most of his quad attempts and running through an excellent short program which I think the fans will enjoy. He certainly looks more than ready. Balde, Rogazine, Firius skated OK, Firius not really having much luck with the 3axel. Nam has grown a bit since I last saw him and is getting a bit more height in his jumps - also looks to have a reliable 3 axel.
    Not really any comments on the first group of dance, young teams but generally looking well trained.

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    Ladies SP will be starting within a hour or so, a bit surprised no threads on each discipline created yet.

    Wishing Amelie, Elladj and Mervin best of luck! Goooo and get that final ticket to the Games!

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    Are the chances of a live feed better than with the US Nationals?

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