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    Most popular boots/blades

    What are the most popular/best blades right now?

    I've worn harlicks and phantoms in the past, just wondering how popular they are currently. Are there cheaper brands that are the same quality?

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    I suppose Wilson and MK are always going to be the standard. I use Gold Star Revolutions. Expensive but I love them. The Revolution blades seem to be gaining in popularity. Several elites skaters have switch to them this season. Where I'm at a lot people use Ultima especially the Matrix blades. They are cheaper and don't have to be sharpened as often but some people don't like them. There's also an issue with lift angle being lower than the blades they are supposed to be equivalent to. Paramounts also seem to be very popular. As far as I've heard they have the best quality control and their profiles do match the equivalent Wilson/MK blades. Never really heard that much about the less popular brands like Eclispe and Skate Science.

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    I mostly agree with jennyanydots. Except with regards to Eclipse blades: they're tremendously popular in my area.

    • Jackson
    • GAM
    • Riedell
    • Risport
    • Harlick

    • Eclipse
    • Jackson
    • MK
    • John Wilson
    • Paramount

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    At my rink Reidell by far is the most popular (possibly because we live fairly close to the factory?) then Jackson's and sometimes rarely you can find someone with Sp Teri.

    As for blades Wilson and Mk blades are most common and you can find some people either eclipse blades. I know that my coach recommends Wilson blades and skaters that do have hem usually have pattern 99s or the Coronation Ace.

    I myself skate in Pattern 99/Reidell skates

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    I'm from the province of Quebec, and I can tell you Jackson Matrix blades and Edea skates have become very popular here !

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    Edeas are pretty popular since we formerly had an Olympic competitor at our rink who wears them.

    For blades, Paramount seems to be the blade of choice. I think they're way too noisy on the ice. Some judges will say they can pick out a skater on Paramounts just by the sound they make on the ice.

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