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Thread: Most popular boots/blades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarpic2 View Post
    Posted lazily but did say 'fairly unchanged' rather than 'figure skates are unchanged...' etc, wasn't making an absolute statement.
    I mentioned heatmoulding & a top of the range pair from 30 years ago, which were a model worn by T&D apparently, rock hard, tough boots were available in '84-'94! (& steps taken since to reduce the break in/ need to have a cobbler on call)
    I suppose the boots that were available for someone like T&D would be completely different than boots you would buy for your 12-14 year old recreational skater though. I am not talking about what was available at the top of brand, but what was generally sold as reasonable beginners boots. My parents definitely did not go for the cheapest; they wanted the boots to last for a while (and they did last! )

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    Edeas are getting v v v popular with the younger skaters!
    As far as I know, Jackson is still leading, with Edea (Ice Fly) following, and Riedells and Harlicks...
    As for blades, Paramounts are extremely noisy but if you need the lightness then go for it
    the new revolutions are semi-hollow... never used, no comment
    gold seals- my spins coach ADORES (bobbe shire)

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