Firstly, well done for re-organising the "2013-14 Figure Skating Competitions and Events" forum. It makes more sense having the fora in which there are still competitions in progress at the top.

Also, well done for doing the same with the sub-fora within the "2013-14 National Figure Skating events" forum.

However, I am a bit disappointed with the other changes that have been made within the Nationals forum. Namely, the way that the National Championships Predictions Game threads have been dispersed.

I have to be totally honest – I wasn’t happy with the location where I had created the National Championships Predictions Game threads (at the bottom of the Nationals forum index page). It was very easy to not spot them. If there had been a General Discussion sub-forum like there was in the GP Series forum, I would have created them in there. But there wasn’t.

However, at least when they were at the bottom of the index page, the threads were all together. Now, you have to go to a lot of different locations to keep track of the Game.

Now, I can understand why they were moved. When there are specific sub-fora for specific Championships, I can see that it would make sense to have the Predictions threads with the rest of the threads for that Championship. In fact, I was originally going to do it like that.

The reason that I did not was that for 2 of the rounds (Italian Championships and Chinese Championships), the Championships did not have their own sub-forum. Instead, they just had a single thread, which was located in the “Other Nationals” forum. And I knew fine well that with the way that multiple threads are in use at the same time, the Championship thread and the corresponding Predictions thread would not be able to stay next to each other. So, it would be easy to miss the Predictions thread.

So, in light of this, I decided that it would be better if all the National Championships Predictions Game threads were kept together.

In fact, it was for this reason (to keep all the threads belonging to each Predictions Game together) that when I was creating the ISU Championships Predictions Game threads last week, I put the Olympics Predictions thread in the "2013-14 ISU Figure Skating Events" forum, even though the Olympics has its own forum.

Another thing that is puzzling me is what has happened to the Rules thread for the National Championships Predictions Game during the re-organisation. Why has the first post (the one with the rules in it) been moved to “The Edge”, but the rest of the thread been kept at the bottom of the 2013-14 National Figure Skating events forum?

So, is there any chance that you could please put the two parts of the Rules thread back together in the Nationals forum?

I realise that the other changes I have suggested would mean too much upheaval to the forum at a time when it is incredibly busy. (Hey, there were 500 users online when I posted this!)

But, it is maybe an idea for next season to have a “General Discussion” sub-forum in each of the fora within the “Figure Skating Competitions and Events” forum.