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Thread: Polina Edmunds

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    Happy Birthday to Bubbly Blonde Polina

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowflakebeautiful View Post
    Would just like to wish a Happy Birthday to Polina!! I think she has a bright future ahead of her; and can't wait to watch where she goes over the next quad!!

    From Nationals to Worlds I have seen amazing growth. It was indeed the right thing to send her to the Olympics. She saw what world class skating looks like and feels like and it has been invaluable to her skating (my youtube comment, but it is exactly how I feel). What a birthday it must have been for her; what a year!

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    Rabid I agree!! And for being young, she did very well at the Olympics!! I feel like over the coming years she has the potential (growth, interest, etc. aside) to really be a frontrunner, so I'm excited to see where she goes!

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